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ANNOUNCEMENT: This blog is now the artist formally known as "Prefer to be Demure."  You are NOT crazy for wondering this was the place for that blog.  The content will largely stay the same, but a name change was needed.  Formal post coming soon!
This blog's philosophy:

Fashion and personal style should always make you happy.  Dressing yourself in clothes that you love is a few minutes of your day that can be a happy experience, which is time out of our day that is one of few things that we have control of in our lives.  Clothes and style should never be about keeping up with the proverbial Joneses, but dressing for the life that you want to live.  This blog features me living this exact philosophy, as well as some other girls who are featured as guest bloggers.  I also believe that style is for everyone and that taking pride in oneself is a lost art.  If you draw personal inspiration from my style and favorite brands, then awesome!  But if you learn to have more fun in life through wardrobe choices, then that's even better!!

What brands and styles are focused on here?

I have a strong love affair with Bernie Dexter, Modcloth, Pinup Girl Clothing, and Retrolicious, as well as true vintage clothing from the mid-twentith century.  My style ranges from pinup looks to classic lady like fashion, and occasionally I exhibit a rock and roll twist.  Novelty prints are my absolute favorite thing in the world.  I'm obsessed with matching different colors to bring out other colors in patterns, which is likely why I have a huge shoe collection (I'm afraid to count how many shoes I have!).  Nine West is my favorite shoe brand for classic pumps and Kate Spade is my numero uno favorite handbag designer because of her love affair with bold and bright colors.

What sets this blog apart from other blogs of the genre?

As much as I own so many of the same items as other wonderful vintage inspired and pinup bloggers, I sometimes go rogue with how I style them.  I often modernize full circle skirts with a modern top or classic shoes that could be from any decade.  Being a bit of a rock and roll girl at heart, I sometimes find myself pairing concert tees with my novelty print vintage skirts!  This can help the ladies who maybe don't wear too much vintage, are in love with some items on various websites, but don't feel making a purchase is justifiable because it's out of their comfort zone.  I showcase the many ways you can style clothing, hopefully pushing those on the fence over to the fun side of fashion!

What else besides clothes?

This site promotes beauty of all kinds, talks about happiness and beauty from within, and the friendships between other women bloggers.  Frequently I feature a guest blogger, often reference the community that fashion blogging has brought me in a positive light, and almost every outfit post I try to incorporate something to be positive about or feel motivated to do better.  While I staunchly believe that fashion is a great way to express how you feel about yourself and where you want to go in life, I'd feel negligent if I only talked about the aesthetics.  Women supporting each other and taking a moment to look within oneself has happily found a home on this blog alongside with colorful clothing choices!  Additionally, I blog about the (many) concerts that I go to for the purposes of both talking about what to wear to concerts while staying practical but fun, but also as an excuse to talk about music because that's another huge passion of mine!

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