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Grace Rock Kelly Roll's main mission is to have fun with clothing.  What makes Grace Rock Kelly Roll different than a lot of other blogs is that fun fashion is showcased through a marriage of vintage and modern looks; no carbon prints or cookie cutter looks will be found here that you can find elsewhere.  Grace Rock Kelly Roll also maintains that it's easy to mix quirk with classic, punk with posh, and darkness with fun.  Mixing prints is a very common look here, as are Kate Spade bags paired with skull print dresses, demure vintage skirts with sexy tops, and combos that could best be described as "Rocker Barbie."   Whether someone is inspired directly by my personal style or not is not the emphasis, but life being short and having fun/doing whatever you want with your wardrobe IS!
A lot of posts found here are simple outfit posts with descriptions without instructions so that one may take away whatever they want out of an outfit idea.  Some other posts are reviews of brands or new styles, and on Fridays official "How-To" posts come out explaining anything from how to rock a particular style to how to track down the best vintage finds.
The Internet is a strange and ever evolving place.  So much of social media as well as blogging has turned into "humble bragging."  Grace Rock Kelly Roll is committed to keeping things as neutral as possible.  While all blog photos are taken on a DSLR (Canon) and some make-up is often worn in shoots, the same white background is used to keep things simple and the focus on the outfit (as this is a style blog after all).  While aspects about my life creep up on the blog and on Instagram occasionally, a lot of private moments are not anywhere on my social media and no mention of a romantic life can be found to both keep some things sacred and to not get into any accidental boasting that is found too often on the Internet.  Blogging, writing, and comedy serves a greater purpose and not just for me, so I promise to try my best to not add to the white noise of social media--and the Internet at large-- past necessary means.
So much of life is out of our control....but what we wear is one part of our day that is in our control and it's something we can have fun with!!  It's my honor to even kind of help you have more fun with clothes!  To follow this blog and never miss a post, click the links below!  

To contact me email greetingsfromlaurenblair(AT)gmail(DOT)com

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