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As some of you may know, I'm apart of an online comedy duo called Just Shair!  My partner's name is Shannon and my name is Lauren-Blair and I often go by just Blair,  so we combined them together to make Just Shair as the official name of our partnership...and an easy pun from a famous singer!  We mostly do videos (YouTube Channel), but have other stuff in the works.  I know, I know, this is a fashion/lifestyle blog.  BUT, comedy is a huge part of my life and it's my personal belief that laughter should be apart of everyone's lifestyle!  Plus, you get to see a lot of the fun prints and novelty brooches I wear on a daily basis, so fashion is technically covered!

Below are our videos so far, and I'll be updating this page from time to time in the future as we have more videos!  Thanks for checking us out!

Lauren-Blair's Olympic Memory
My turn to SHAIR an Olympic memory!  It's involves Kerri Strug and the vault in the 1996 games, but um, it gets depressingly dark really fast due to some news and the juxtaposition was jarring for my 12 year old self!

The Olympics 2
This video is all about the "sports" that we don't necessarily believe should be sports and other things we find confusing about Olympic sporting.  

Shannon's Olympic Memory
Which Olympian inspired Shannon to cut her hair so short that it made her mom cry?  Find out in this quickie video!
The Olympics 1
This video contemplates if any accidents involving the Olympic Torch has ever occurred, why the Parade of Nations is funny, and how confusing the Olympic Village is (I mean, it has a McDonalds for all those athletes still training up until their event...)
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Bad Song Lyrics 1 (Pop Hits)
From Pearl Jam (Jeremy spoke what?) to why the Spice Girls insisted you "gotta get with my friends" to be their lover, we cover the silliness of popular songs.
4th of July!
We talk about how we're puzzled at the some of the traditions the 4th brings, like processed meats and short shorts...SO George Washington!  We also give silly tips and give a darker history of America's birthday!
Dress- Folter via ModCloth/Brooch-Luxulite

Roller Skating Part II: ...we lose it over the Facts of Life!
1970s gem of a sitcom, The Facts of Life, got brought up while we were filming our Roller Skating video.  Already in a silly mood, the mere mention of the roller skating Tootie starts a laugh fest that is impossible to stop.  We wheel in and out of this topic, but keep landing on it with uncontrollable laughter.  If you love watching people have trouble keeping it together on camera while trying not to laugh, this blooper video is for you!

Top- Heart of Haute/Brooch- Erstwilder

Roller Skating...Where did it go?
No really, in the 80s and 90s it seemed here to stay a la the bike but life didn't really turn out that way!  We explore the nostalgia and what happened in silly tones!

Top- Heart of Haute/Brooch- Erstwilder
Celebrity Crushes
We have all had eyes for a celebrity at some point.  And, it's super funny when you look back at who you fancied during your formative years!  We at Just Shair did just that!  Write to if there's a crush you had that we missed; we lost half of our footage due to technical difficulties and maaaaaaaaay do a part II before the end of the year ;)
Dress- Retrolicious/ Brooch- Luxulite
We can't be the only ones to not understand this social media network!  Plus we come up with awesome weird ideas for new Pinterest boards.
Dress- Retrolicious/Brooch-Deer Arrow

Bad Baby Names & Spellings
The jokes wrote themselves here... And we've all been there before when a friend or family member comes up with a wackadoodle name for their child and you have to fake a smile.  Consider this video your sanctuary for the judging thoughts you had!
Dress- J Crew Factory/Brooch- Erstwilder

St Patrick's Day
We discuss the good, the bad, and the weird involving this green holiday.  Plus we give tips on how to have a great St Patrick's day, and comically disagree on how to have one!
Dress- ModCloth (Sunny Girl brand)/Brooch- Erstwilder

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