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After a lot of back and forth, I decided to start a YouTube channel!  I'm not amazing at hair or make-up, and I have so limited tricks up my sleeve that need a video for better instruction telling that I initially decided against having a channel.  But after some brainstorming, looking inward, and better modeling my blog to suit my interests, beliefs, and personality, I found my way to YouTube!  I review books, movies, talk about TV shows that I love to hate, have some how-to videos on topics from hair, packing, and social graces, and so much more!  Please subscribe, and here is a list of my videos so far (newest to oldest):

ModCloth Unboxing #2 In the newest ModCloth Unboxing video, I showcase my finds and discuss quality + fit (and any other need to know facts).  I discuss the Frill Me Up, Fluttercup Heel, Ska's the Limit Tee (English Beat band tee), Carnival You Need Top in Sharks, and Miami Moments Tops in Lattice.
Earrings- Old Navy
Top- Sunny Girl brand via ModCloth

Weekly Recap Tea Time #1 In a new series I go over the crazy clowns in SC, the VMAs, Anthony Weiner, and a new bizarre Oreo cookie flavor...all with a sense of humor!
Dress- Folter Clothing
Rimmel Lipstick Try On!  I'm a little clueless about make-up, but I am learning!  In this video I try on a few shades trying to break out of my normal color comfort zone!  I explain why I like stuff and why I don't!
Look #1- ModCloth Dress
Look #2- Bernie Dexter Dress
Look #3- Sonic Youth concert tee

FAQs #1 After 2.5 years of blogging and sharing outfits and favorites on Instagram, I finally start to compile a FAQ video.  I answer questions on what my name is/what I like to be called, where I shop, how many skirts I own, why I travel so much, and why I don't have scars post heart surgery.
Top- ModCloth
ModCloth Unboxing I unbox a ModCloth box, featuring a Miami Moments top, Retrolicious skirt, and a ModCloth brand dress and discuss my opinions and rave over these items and the company that is ModCloth.
Dress- Bernie Dexter/Brooch-Luxulite
Lauren-Blair Raves About...Punky Pins!  Historically I've never been a jewelry girl, but that's been changing as I've adopted a 'devil is in the details' mentality about putting together outfits.  Punky Pins has quickly risen to become my go-to brand for necklaces and in this video I showcase why!

Top- Forever 21 Tank with a Unique Vintage jumper
Lauren-Blair's Travel Tips #3: How to Pack/Clothes! I explain why I brought what I brought on my trip and go over what my thoughts are on them in a how-to fashion!
Dress- Bernie Dexter
Lauren-Blair's Travel Tips #2: What to Pack: Entertainment, Necessities, Shoes, Etc Fun video on reading material, to bring workout gear or not, and other comforts and life savors that you may need while traveling on a long trip!!!
Dress- Retrolicious via Unique Vintage/Brooch- Poison of Choice Shop
Lauren-Blair's Travel Tips #1: What NOT to Pack Upon going on a trip soon and having a traveled a ton in the past, I decided to do a video series on how to pack efficiently for a trip.  For this first video I start with what NOT to pack, including fabrics that wrinkle easily, bulkier things, and depending on the kind of trip what items to leave at home and such.
Top: Heart of Haute/Brooch: Erstwilder

Blair Reads Books! Unorthodox by Deborah Feldman I discus Feldman's memoir on her escape from Hasidic Judaism.  Though I found some issues with the book, I truly enjoyed the read and intend to read her follow up book.  Because religion is a touchy subject, I give a very light account on the accompanying written piece (here) and go a little more into detail on the YouTube as you can hear the tone of my voice and facial expressions etc.  (Spoiler alert: I'm a secular humanist who's studied religion but is not at all religious).  Even then, I hold back some (hey, it's my second YouTube video)!, but this will be the first of many religious centered books to come!
Top: Heart of Haute/Brooch: Atomic Lucite

Blair Reads Books! Girl in a Band by Kim Gordon I discuss one of my new favorite books, Girl in a Band, by Kim Gordon (my idol from my favorite band Sonic Youth).  The corresponding blog piece where I review the book in written form can be found HERE


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