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My Weird Comedy Life: Updates From the Past Year

From here on out I will try to update every month or two about projects, ways to see me live or on the Internet.  But for now I'll try to update all relative information that I've missed telling you all about after taking a blog vacation, as well as share with you some milestones I've hit and changes I've made!

Podcast News!
I've been in a few lately in 2019.  I feel like I'm missing one or two, but these are the ones I'm remembering as I type this post out.

Mystery in the Radiowaves Podcast
My genius friend, Elizabeth McIrvin (she took these photos from THIS POST and I have two more posts where she played photog for me coming up) started an improv podcast where old radio plays from the 1930s are read by actors and then improvisers start scenes based on what happened in the play.  Liz does a million really interesting things, so you all should follow her HERE (and her PODCAST) to see her career blossom right in front of you.  I really respect not only her ideas, but how hard she works (which is VERY hard).

When you have a face for podcasting...

I was in two episodes HERE and HERE.  I also may or may not have recorded a third recently that will be released soon, so stay tuned!

The People We Love Podcast
One of the first people I met in Los Angeles, Adam Choit, has gotten into the podcast game with a really sweet idea: talking about someone we love who made a difference in our lives.  I spoke of my late father and it was a really lovely conversation getting to share what a great man my dad was.  I met Adam at an Upright Citizen's Brigade sketch class and he's super funny and driven, so you should follow HIM and his PODCAST please as I believe his career will develop into some interesting places.

Listen to my episode HERE.  I have a lot of friends who have done the podcast too, so I highly recommend the episodes featuring Jason Sean, Theo Manhattan, Kerstin Porter, and Satya Vanii with more to come!

My Own Podcasts??
I've nearly started a small handful of podcasts with a few people but for various reasons they never came to fruition.  I have one on deck with a very dedicated guy and I do believe in my heart of hearts that we'll be debuting later this summer, so stay tuned for the next update.  I'm also wanting to do a few of my own, but have been too busy to commit to those currently.  Maybe in a few updates I'll have some info about those.  STAY TUNED!
Why does this guy trust me to do a podcast with him?

Puppet News!
After putting a ton of thought and consideration into this decision, I decided to leave Puppets Amok in late February.  Initially it was a hiatus but then a series of events led me to opt not to return.  There's no graceful way to explain why everything went down the way that it did, except that I felt taken for granted of, emotionally unheard, and was slightly over burdened doing a lot of the work while grieving my mother's passing.  This was all a very heartbreaking position I found myself in, but leaving was for the best and I do wish them well.

About six weeks before I left, Raquel & Friends, a puppet sketch show with one puppet and multiple humans (think a reverse Muppets) was accidentally born.  Initially it was my side project, but it became my full-time puppet project in the wake of leaving Puppets Amok.  I have a rotating cast based on availability and roles and all of these people are talented, work insanely hard, and really seem to believe in the project.  It's been a very satisfying thing in my life, perhaps the most satisfying thing I get to do currently.  I've asked both friends and people I float around and respect but don't know terribly well to be apart of it.  Everyone has said yes (though I have not yet been able to get everyone scheduled) and I have gotten closer with friends I've already made and gotten to know and befriend wonderful people better because of Raquel & Friends.  I cannot emphasize how rewarding this has been in a very complex and at times depressing phase of my life, as I've been processing the loss of my mom and examining what it means to have both parents be gone.  Having agency over my own ideas, work ethic, career, and who I work with has emboldened me in ways I'll be forever grateful for.
When a puppet begs you to stay on a Tinder date...

I have also been doing mentalism with the absolutely lovely, wonderful, talented, and funny Blayn Barbosa.  Ok, I haven't been, but my puppets have as they are often his lovely assistant when he does mentalism which has been such a strange surprise to have this become apart of my life.  (No photos as proof yet, ugh!)

School News!
Upright Citizen's Brigade
I have graduated the Upright Citizen's Brigade core improv program.  Initially I was on deck to do that over the summer but with my mom's passing I had bigger fish to fry.  I was able to go back in the fall of 2018 and had the loveliest time with one of the funnier and more talented classes I've been privileged enough to be in.

I still have to complete the sketch program, but I'm hoping this summer or early fall I will finally do that.

Grad show at UCB Franklin.

A little over a year ago I auditioned to get into the Groundlings program and got accepted.  I started Basic shortly after and had to drop after just four classes because I got the call my mom was incredibly sick and would likely die.  Almost a year later I returned.  Guys, Basic is no joke.  I get why the Groundlings is considered the hardest comedy school because they do expect excellence and very specific technique.  My teacher, Navaris Darson, pushed me incredibly hard and made me a better comedian, improviser, actor, and writer because of it.  That would have been enough...but then came the news that I passed this level and am onto Intermediate.  I am so, so, SO excited to start and am starting next week.
Very fun and talented group.

Other News!
Press Play Then Laugh
As of this spring I have been hired on as a writer for Press Play Then Laugh.  I believe some sketches I wrote that are on deck to be filmed, so please check out their YouTube channel to catch them!

Pinup Squirrels
I've been on this team for a year and a half, if you can believe it!  We're still going strong with getting our UCB Inner Sanctum show, Sketch Slam, renewed this past January (we'll find out our fate later this month for the next six months).  We decided to focus more on sketch (especially online) over improv so stay tuned for more videos coming your way!

One recent video with yours truly can be found on Facebook HERE.  We literally did it live and at the time and in the test runs had the comments come up on the screen but for some reason it didn't save that way.  I'm unclear if we'll edit them in later and put it on YouTube or elsewhere, but if you watch  it as is now and we're commenting on people saying stuff...imagine comments are actually coming up.

I Did Improv with a Punk Legend News!
No, really.  I got to do improv with Aaron "El Hefe" Abeyta from NOFX earlier this spring. Whoa.  Super nice guy and it turns out he does comedy when he's not touring.

The puppets were not supposed to be there that night, but through a flukey chain of events they got asked to do a bit and then got cancelled literally as I pulled up to the curb of the venue.  (Hollywood!)  

Hosting News!
In addition to being a host for Sketch Slam with Pinup Squirrels, I have recently been asked to co-host/co-produce two shows (though one may not be happening now).  The one who's fate is kind of up in the air is the Big Budget Puppet Sketch Show at the Pack Theater.  My puppet improv team was apart of the audition run, it got a green light to become a show, but some red tape delayed the show from happening due to logistical reasons.  At some point in that process I was asked to co-produce the show, but now it looks like we may be doing some one off shows instead of a regular show.  TBA...

Ccabareight is the first indie comedy show I ever submitted a team I was on to and less than a year after I did that I am now being brought on as a co-host.  I couldn't be more excited for this because not only is it tied for my favorite indie show, but I love the hosts of the shows and consider them friends.  I'm being trained in tech now and have stepped into hosting once, but come this month I'll be a more official host more frequently!  Check us out on Fridays at 11PM at the Clubhouse (MainStage).

There you have it!  A lot of news right?  There's more on deck and I'll post monthly in the future, though I doubt it'll be this long.  Maybe.  Hard work begets work!  But for now you're pretty caught up so until next time, back to regularly scheduled blogging involving fashion and other life stuff!

Follow my antics and nonsense on social media please! 


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