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My Weird Comedy Life: Updates From the Past Year

From here on out I will try to update every month or two about projects, ways to see me live or on the Internet.  But for now I'll try to update all relative information that I've missed telling you all about after taking a blog vacation, as well as share with you some milestones I've hit and changes I've made!
Podcast News! I've been in a few lately in 2019.  I feel like I'm missing one or two, but these are the ones I'm remembering as I type this post out.
Mystery in the Radiowaves Podcast My genius friend, Elizabeth McIrvin (she took these photos from THIS POST and I have two more posts where she played photog for me coming up) started an improv podcast where old radio plays from the 1930s are read by actors and then improvisers start scenes based on what happened in the play.  Liz does a million really interesting things, so you all should follow her HERE (and her PODCAST) to see her career blossom right in front of you.  I really respect not only her id…