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Hollywood Nonsense

My friend Justin lives in Hollywood and we hung out one night with only the loose plans of eventually taking photos and doing some read throughs and rehearsals for Raquel & Friends.  We didn't take too many photos, but here's some of me trolling around Hollywood.  I'm wearing a 1970s vintage apron dress and a Poison concert tee.  And Nike flip-flops, because I've gotten oh-so classy since moving to Los Angeles.  His fur felt very soft.  When you kind of match the lights...  True Life: My Hair and Face Were Unusually Greasy On This Day Don't hassle me...I'm a local!  Have I mentioned I can fly???  Do the flip flops kill the outfit? 😆  He would never hurt me. Too close? Ok, he hurt me. You'd have crazy eyes too if a blue balloon graffiti dog bit you too! I'm a flamingo now.
My friend Justin, who took my pics. Follow him on Instagram HERE
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Atlanta's Center for Puppetry Arts

I took a last minute trip to Atlanta, Georgia and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there was a museum not only dedicated to puppets, but two thirds of said museum dedicated to Jim Henson's puppetry.  I had seen the Jim Henson Exhibit when it went to Skirball in Los Angeles over the summer with my former puppet team, though I never posted photos from there on here despite making a draft (maybe one day I'll do that!).  Center for the Puppetry Arts in Atlanta was amazing and made me the happiest puppeteer in all of the world.  Here are some photos from that trip!
 Price of admission. Kermit stole my pose idea... If I was the type of girl to do vision boards I'd put this photo of Jim Henson's office on my vision board over a photo that represents a trip to Europe...  Trying to take a photo in uneven lighting with a light up stained glass backlighting you is oh-so-fun....😞 Oh hey, just watching the television set in the 1950s!  Change of address.  Checking to s…