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Improv With My Dog

I have some pretty heavy posts concerning grief heading your way so I thought I'd break you in slowly by taking a hard left turn and instead sharing the most ridiculous thing I've done in a very long time: improv with one of my dogs.  (Mind you, I do perform with puppets very regularly so this was ridiculous even for me).
Tough the Bear is a VERY fun indie show that has several shows a month at LA Connection Comedy Theater in Burbank and each show has a different hook: improv, sketch, characters, bits. Etc. What's a bit? Well, that's something that is largely debated in regards to what a stage bit is.  But my definition is doing an inside joke that the audience in on (probably something extra silly or not grounded) but playing it straight as if you're serious.
I got asked by one of the show runners to plan a bit and ultimately that led to me emailing him, "Hey, on a scale of "THIS IS THE BEST IDEA EVER!" to "what are you thinking you crazy pers…

OMG! Outfit Post!

Look what the cat dragged in! I've always insisted that I haven't quit blogging, and while I still believe that I'd more than understand if you doubted me.  As you know, my life has had a series of changes that have changed my schedule and my wardrobe slightly.  Recently I got some fun pics with my friend, Elizabeth McIrvin, a talented photographer and comedian, so I decided to throw them up on the blog.
I intend to start blogging more.  I make no promises as to how quickly it'll snowball into regular blogging nor about how many outfit posts will make the blog regularly (I want to start blogging a bit more about my comedy life and I have a bunch of posts on deck about grief and misunderstandings about it, inspired by the loss of my mom this summer).  But I promise I haven't forgotten blog land!
Without further ado, here's some photos from a fun day out and about with my friend Liz!

Fun facts! The dress is from Folter, which I believe is now defunct? I've been …