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Win $100 Towards a JORD Watch!

What time is it?  THE TIME IS NOW.  Okay, now that I've gotten my favorite line from a Kids in the Hall sketch that I saw when I was 12 out of my system let's get to business!  The time is actually time to register for a watch giveaway and/or get a coupon, all thanks to JORD Watches. (Pronounced "Youd" as in like toad or road.  OR "Yoda" with no "a.")

Check out THIS LINK to try to get $100  towards a JORD watch and free sizing AND shipping.  This will go on for two weeks, so hop to it!  You can also get a $25 coupon with the code "blairosaurus" over the next two weeks too.  And if there's any menfolk out there reading, JORD has both women and mens watches.  Yay!

I'm rocking the Frankie Purple and Plum and seriously loving it.  I love how big the face is and it compliments my hair and many of my frequent signature colors that I wear.  The watches are made from wood so they're very durable and sturdy.  I thought the watches w…

Pinup Squirrels: Friend Zone Video

Hey!  I'm so proud to be sharing with you guys the first sketch video I've been apart of since moving to LA.  I've been here for almost a year and it's been a shock that it's taken this long to have a video come out!  There's a bunch of things I've written but for various reasons production has been delayed.  And I've been asked to be apart of some people's videos as well, but various things foil those plans, like groups disbanding and schedules changes, etc.  Life!  Am I right??
Luckily one of my troupes, Pinup Squirrels, is revving up on our video production and here is our first one!  Written by our founder, Kristen Lucas, it's a sketch about a silly app making fun of how big Los Angeles is and how it's a thing that many people don't want to travel to see their friends in different parts of the city.
There is a fashion component to this video for me!  Styling myself was a little tricky.  I'd say roughly 85% of my wardrobe is "l…

Very Hot Summer Day Outfit

Guys!  It's in the 90s most days, which I love.  But what I DON'T love is not having air conditioning in my car.  And you may have heard, Los Angeles is a bit of a driving city!  So I've been utilizing my collection of Retrolicious outfits as for many years that brand has basically been my summer uniform.  
This amazing Jungle print skirt from ModCloth (by Retrolicious) is so amazing as it's versatile due to it's pastel print with navy background.  I adore mixing prints with this number (as seen here) but I decided to go for "less is more" (what is that??) with this grey Tatyana blouse.  My trusty nude, beige, and grey color block Nine West sandals (similar) came in handy to help the outfit pop while keeping it simple. Rounding it out I used my yellow wicker basket purse from Pinup Girl Clothing to make the yellow in the skirt pop more.  This yellow purse is sincerely the most practical purchase I've ever made while purse shopping.  It looks tiny and…

August Housekeeping & Announcements

Hello, gorgeous people!  I'm finally getting back into the swing of blogging again and have some fun posts coming your way, ranging from outfits, shopping tips, posts on grief, my life in the comedy world, and even a giveaway!  But before officially launching back into blog life I wanted to do some housekeeping.
Me at the last practice we had, with two of my four puppets, Raquel and Veruca.
I am a comedian with plenty of pots on the stove.  If you live in the LA area and want to see PUPPET IMPROV, please come check out my shows.  I'm in a talented comedy troupe of actors, comedians, improv artists, and writers...and all of us happen to be puppeteers as well!  Our troupe is called Puppets Amok (please follow us on Instagram if you have Instagram).  We have at least two shows in August:
1. We have a show at the Clubhouse on Friday August 10th at 11PM.  Improv show!  Free!
2. We are apart of the Los Angeles Indie Improv Festival, which is happening in two weekends.  We will take the …