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Life Update: I'm NOT Quitting Blogging

Happy Friday!  I apologize to all loyal and casual readers alike who check my blog and have found it to be way less updated than usual lately.  I have been at odds with blogging for some time now and that has only increased since my move to Los Angeles.   Me and my friend Kristin at Second City wear similar tops and identical shoes.  Note that I'm in (fun) pants because Second City wasn't using heat during 50 degree nights...burr!
I promise I'm not quitting blogging though.  However, I may be slowly redirecting the blog somewhat.  I'll expand in a later post about where some of my inner conflict of maintaining a style blog is coming from in a future post, but for now I will cop to that my lifestyle has changed greatly and therefore my style has changed.  I thought moving to southern California would mean that it would be very easy to wear my preferred style of dresses or skirts with mixed patterned tops every day.  In retrospect that was an adorable notion!  To be the …

Mixing Prints and Layering for Fit at Puppet Improv

Hello there!  This toaster print strapless dress is an oldie but goodie from Retrolicious.  I don't even know how old it is but I know I tracked it down on eBay some two years ago, which was well after it was out of print.  Retrolicious is one of my favorite dress brands and yellow is my favorite color, so one would assume I'd wear this a lot right?  Well, this size small dress runs kind of large on my frame.  Retrolicious doesn't always make an XS (now they usually do, but historically they did not) so finding a smaller size was not an option.  I really do like this dress but I've considered selling it from time to time.  I'm glad I didn't because I finally figured out a GREAT style hack for clothing that's too large, without pricy alterations or being a genius sewer oneself!  
I realized that if i wore a shirt underneath the dress it would help me fill out the dress AND give the dress something to grip onto so it was less likely to slip.  Because I'm…

Unique Stylings with Seasonal Colors in TOBI Dresses

It's that time of year where suddenly all hues are in pinks and reds!  I'm not one to celebrate hardly any holidays, but even I can't resist indulging in these color schemes as they are amongst my favorite colors to wear!  Using three looks featuring Tobi dresses, here are unique ways to style these colors this time of year so you won't look like everyone else!  (All dresses are XS for measure.)
Give a lacy dress some attitude! Outfit Details: Glasses: Steve Madden via Marshalls Jacket: Wrangler Dress: Tobi Shoes- Thrifted
Anything lacy, demure, or ultra feminine goes weirdly well with rocker chic.  I don't know why and I don't make the rules, but I'm not complaining!  It was so much fun giving this Wanderlust Wine  Lace Maxi dress an attitude!  Combat boots and a lacy maxi dress is a really fun option.  For this look I chose my Wrangler cropped denim jacket, but I almost went with my black faux leather jacket and that look would have been fun too.  
Try a r…

Bad Hair Day in a Fun Outfit

Happy Tuesday!  I just love wearing pinks with "scary" prints, like skeletons.  This mauve Members Only Washed Satin Boyfriend jacket is just perfect for any girl with some rocker and gothic sensibilities but doesn't want to look like EVERYONE else who wears darker prints.  And as I've said a few times now, I freakin' love these jackets!  They're silky soft to the touch and perfect for light layering.  For those of you who experience winter, know that spring is just around the corner and taking a gander at these jackets and all of the colors they come in will totally be worth it!
This is one of my favorite Folter dresses because it's a skeleton dress with a Peter Pan collar, which somehow makes it demure.  This style combo is just too fun!  I got it from the now defunct Lovely in Lilac, but it's available on both Folter's main site and ModCloth.  This polka dot Kate Spade bag is a low key way of mixing prints. (Word to the wise: polka dots or str…

Bernie Dexter Paint Palette Dress...and Raquel!

Happy Monday!  Here's a quick post from an outfit I wore to puppet improv 2+ weeks back (I'm a bit behind in posting!).  LA has finally been (somewhat) warmer at night so I've been able to to wear dresses to evening classes.  This is my last post featuring ALL outfit photos with Raquel, my puppet.  Future pictures from our school outings will feature one photo with her and the rest will be about what I wore.
Speaking of, how awesome is this Bernie Dexter dress?  The Mari is officially one of my favorite Bernie styles (though if forced to pick I like the seemingly discontinued but similar Lydia style a bit more).  The paint palette print dress by Bernie Dexter comes in tons of styles AND colorings, but this one may be my favorite!  Pairing this dress with my Atomic Lucite Gilligan's Island brooch was perfect as the whole picture on the brooch is primary colors.  I got this Pinup Girl Clothing wicker basket in yellow over Black Friday and I seriously can't say enoug…