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Mixing Prints with Members Only

Hello and welcome back to my blog!  Today is special because it's basically a "these are a few of my favorite things" as I'm wearing 90% of my favorite brands!  Members Only is my favorite jacket brand.  Like, hands down!  They're comfortable and perfect for moderate weather (or buildings with too much air conditioning blasting around!).  I know I'm a California girl now, but it's been chillier here at night and that aforementioned air conditioning scenario happens daily, so these jackets have come in handy!  I'm wearing the Washed Satin Boyfriend Jacket in burgundy (size small for reference) and I totally recommend it as it's silky to the touch.  This jacket (and all other colors it comes in) are currently on sale for $65.
I got this Trashy Diva Tropical Sangria skirt 3-4 years ago when I made my first ever Trashy Diva purchase.  I love this skirt more than I ever thought I would (I was curious about how the burgundy and pinks would play out in …

Puppet Improv Outfit with Emily and Fin

Nope, I haven't lost my damn mind!  But I have started doing Puppet Improv at The Second City Hollywood!  I thought it'd be fun to take photos with my puppet, Raquel, since typically I will be able to wear my preferred uniform of fun dresses despite that this class is a performance class--as holding a puppet up does not involve me potentially rolling around the floor.  However, as I was taking my outfit photos the temperature dropped about 20 degrees so I ultimately changed into pants just before the sun went down.  I got proof of this for integrity's sake below, but the above photos are what I wore last Wednesday and planned on wearing to Puppet Improv!  ANYWAY, when I found out Second City was doing improv with puppets I nearly died.  When I was eleven I (somewhat arrogantly) told my classmates that I'd be the next Jim Henson.  That all remains to be seen, but it's been a fun full circle moment for me as I didn't spend most of my life keeping that goal in m…

What I Wore to Improv #3: Andrew WK Black Outfit

Shirt: Andrew WK Concert Tee (similar_ Jeans: Free People Denim Super Flare (similar) Shoes- Converse via DSW
In case I haven't explained it thoroughly, improv sometimes presents a challenge for me in regards to how to dress.  I've never been an "#alldressalways" girl as I do love fun pants and shorts, but it's been years and years and years since I've had to wear pants on the regular.  Performance based classes, such as improv, are forcing me to do so.  Why?  One can never predict what will be asked to do in these classes.  I've found myself running, doing dance moves, crawling around the ground like an animal and more in my improv classes and rehearsals.  Wearing a dress would make me self conscious about accidentally revealing too much and limit my scope of adding to a scene--which would be terrible.  So suddenly I'm wearing pants a ton!
These flared jeans from Free People are pretty awesome for a vintage loving gal like myself.    (Size 24 for re…

Review: Bernie Dexter Sloan Dress

How amazing is this dress???  I think I'm in the minority of Bernie Dexter fans in that I'm thrilled she has released a few styles that are of shorter lengths.  Most women in Bernie's fan groups seem happier when longer lengths come out.  Don't get me wrong--I do love me a tea length dress and I'm obsessed with 1970s maxi dresses!  But I like variety so I'm always excited when more novelty print/vintage based brands have shorter lengths too.
In case you were wondering, I'm wearing the Bernie Dexter Sloan dress and the print in Honeycomb (which comes in other styles if this style isn't your jam).  I really love the fit of this dress!  It's slightly tight in the waist and there's a part of me that wishes I got a small instead of my usual extra small, but it's not like I'm kicking myself for it.  This is also a BOOB dress!  As someone who is smaller chested, this is a fun dress for me because I get to show off the goods whereas other dress…