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Thankfulness 2017

Happy Thanksgiving if you're in the states!  Otherwise, happy totally normal Thursday!  I decided to do a compilation of some of my fave clothes from this year (this is a VERY incomplete list, mind you) and explain why I like them, nay, why I'm THANKFUL for them.  And because clothes are not the most important things in life (WHAT??) I also list something I'm thankful for in my general life, as I've had a pretty great year!

Clothing Life: I waited with baited breath for this octopus printed skirt from Unique Vintage to come out.  Seriously, this is one of the coolest novelty print skirts EVER!

Real Life: My move from Denver to Los Angeles itself went pretty seamless.  Yeah, a lamp broke and whatnot.  But nothing got too delayed, the drive was flawless, my dogs stayed calm and are obsessed with our new balcony. They usually needs tons of time to process a new place, so them acting like well adjusted pets has been delightful.  Seriously, things were damn near perfect--all things considered for a crossing state line move!
Clothing Life: Yellow is my favorite color and I love the Hell Bunny Paula circle skirts.  When it was released in yellow I had to get it.  The only reason I don't wear it every day is these skirts tend to wrinkle a lot!!  But when I do feel like ironing it totally gets love!

Real Life: I was able to come out to LA a month before I was initially slated to because I stayed with the same leasing company and as long as I stayed with them I could go whenever I wanted with no penalty.  Ultimately I ended up moving earlier so I could start classes at Second City (and Upright Citizens Brigade too, though that decision was more last minute) when their last term of the year began.  In retrospect an October move was easier all around for me personally to depart and I'm loving all of the people I'm getting to meet in the classes I started, so I'm super thankful that the cards ended up falling where they did!

Clothing Life: As I type, I realize I have yet to unearth this Emily and Fin castle dress via ModCloth from my move!  (I'm barely unpacked, as I hit the ground running on day four of living in Los Angeles, which was also two days before most of my stuff arrived).  Like the Octopus skirt this is just too cool of a print!  The color scheme is super unique too.  And, I'm a total sucker for button down dresses!

Real Life: My friends and family could not have been lovelier about me leaving.  Yes, my Denver friends were sad.  But nobody challenged me.  Most people were initially shocked and sad to hear about my relocation plans, and then immediately started to accept it as I've mentioned moving before.  But what followed that was honestly one of the most beautiful experiences of my life: after the initial shock and acceptance, people volunteered such support that it was overwhelming.  I'm at an age where I've weeded out most of the bad seeds, but regardless people can be all too human.  LA is a polarizing city and nobody talked down on my new city.  Trying to make it in comedy and TV is an immensely tall order but not only did all of my people fully support my decision to try my luck full time, my friends seem to actually believe I have a chance at succeeding and are my biggest cheerleaders.  I'm someone who has been told I'm not good enough a lot in my life, so to believe in myself enough to make this HUGE life decision and have 100% support and excitement from my closest loved ones has been such a crazy (in a good way) experience.  I honestly don't even have the words for how amazing that feels.

Clothing Life: Like I said, I love yellow!  I thought I'd hate the pom-poms (surprisingly for a girly girl I'm not super "frilly") on the Pinup Girl's Italian Landscape skirt redux in yellow, but I really like them.  This did get unpacked quickly and it's been leering at me to be worn in LA.  I'm dying to, but I have yet to unearth shoes to match if not the skirt, but a top I can pair with it too!  (Moving is the worst, you guys!)

Real Life: Just trolling through the halls of The Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade makes me feel like I'm on cloud 9.  There's crazy alumni photos in the former and actual working comedians/actors hanging out regularly at the latter; it's honestly all so inspiring.  The fact that I even get to have such a small part of this history is beyond measure.

Clothing Life: I did a collab with Tobi this year and I love this white sundress from them!  Cutouts are rarely my thing but there's just something so classic and effortlessly romantic about this dress.  Now that I'm a California girl I expect to wear this bad boy a lot!

Real Life: I'm really loving 98% of the people I've met so far.  And the 2% that are left out aren't even people I dislike as much as people I haven't been able to figure out just yet, or bond with.  Everyone has been so kind and supportive in the comedy community that it's been blowing my mind.  Some wheels are turning amongst us about working together and I know I want to cast certain people in upcoming video projects (if I'm so lucky to have them oblige).  The energy is just insane and is more than I hoped it would be.  I feel like I've already made it because I'm getting to do everything that was on my goal list before the end of the year.  In reality I'm hilariously at the bottom of the totem pole, but I honestly don't even notice!

Clothing Life: I should have called this post "I'm thankful for yellow, y'all!"  Another yellow clothing item...what. a. shock. But this ModCloth dress ALSO has elephants, which is another favorite thing of mine.  The teals make this dress to die for and it's for sure a favorite!

Real Life: My dogs are healthy and alive.  I almost got my beagle a "I Survived 2016" sweatshirt because between cancer, getting attacked, and an arthritis diagnosis (amongst other things) she was in the vet 8 times before September last year.  She's been doing really awesome this year, which wasn't a given, so I'm beyond grateful.  My border collie is aging too, though she shows less signs of it.  I thought the move would freak her out but she's been a total trooper and seems happier than ever.  It's weird, but I'll take it!

Clothing Life: Retrolicious already has a green dinosaur dress (also pictured towards the bottom of this post) but this pink one is totally unique.  This was a dress I bought immediately upon seeing it, which is something I next to never do.  I had a fun Wrangler collab this summer and their 70th anniversary cropped jean jacket goes perfectly with this dress.

Real Life: My health has been pretty good!  I'm always trying to outrun that dark cloud.  This summer was rough.  I was supposed to take a stab at stand-up but my health made staying out late and being mentally clear enough to be "on" impossible.  And then I knew I was moving so I wanted to just wrap up my life in Denver before adding new stuff.  So my health wasn't perfect and it did ruin a few things.  But I haven't been hospitalized (knock on wood) and only for a season were things shaky.  It could have been and has been so much worse, so wahoo!

I'm also thankful for this photo, which is basically my avatar on everything now.

Clothing Life: Trashy Diva miraculously restocked this dress in my size (it slipped through my fingers in late 2016) and I've already worn it to death.  So much so that I wore it to see a dear longtime friend of mine when he was in Denver over the summer and then again (coincidentally) to see him again when I was in New York a month later.  If a fashionista with a huge closet is wearing the same outfit so often the same people see it over and over again, it's a #1 favorite.

Real Life: I'm not going to lie about how much I'm loving that winter is passing me by in my new city.  While I maintain that Denver isn't as frigid as people think (or at least for not as long as people think) I'm more than fine not dealing with those colder and snowier days!  It's trivial, but hey, these small facts add up to how great your quality of life is!

Clothing Life: You know I love to mix prints and this Emily and Fin top with the J Crew Factory skirt is a match made in mix-a-holics heaven!  This is one of my favorite new outfit pairings and I have a limited interest in wearing them without each other!

Real Life: I had SO much fun in New York with my friend Sarah at the end of this summer.  I wrote about some of it HERE and will get around to posting more on the trip.  It was a great trip because my friend Sarah is a great friend, we're really silly together so everything we do tends to be fun, and it came at a time when my health finally got back on track and I had just officially made the decision to move to LA!  Nothing was holding me down and I could just relax and have fun in one of the greatest cities in the world.

Clothing Life: I'm just going to spread my thankfulness for this dress in the form of a PSA: Folter, please make more maxi dresses!  Yours are AWESOME and your fans (or at least me) will wear them to death!  

Real Life: I got to see SO many concerts this year, in large part to my friend Mario.  Because we're sadly in times where so many big acts are passing on, I made a point to see larger acts than I usually see.  Some of the biggest acts were Metallica, Depeche Mode, Poison, and Def Leppard (for the second time).  You can read about my concert adventures and other thoughts on culture on my second blog, Blair Uncensored.  It's been on hiatus this fall but is coming back next week.
Clothing Life: This is another dress from Folter and it's one of my favorite dresses ever.  Zombies are a drive in burger place?  Of course I needed this.

Real Life: I'm in touch with so many people I love.  California is my fourth state I've lived and I've made bonds with people in each place I've lived.  My cup runneth over, even before leaving Denver, where something is just in the air as it seems my long distance friends and I just value each other more than ever.  Hell, even one of my closest friends from Colorado moved out of state last year and somehow we're closer than ever.  Long distance friendships are not lost causes; they hold pieces of your history you cannot replicate that's sometimes better than getting tot hang out often.  I'm beyond grateful for how many people I'm in contact with, whether it be phone calls, texts, or random reunions when we're in each others cities.

Clothing Life: Kate Spade, and several retailers, released ALL THE DINOSAURS this year.  I'll never regret the splurge on both the T-Rex and Triceratops bag (though they were on sale when I got them, to be fair).  They're easily my most carried purses.

Real Life: I'm very thankful for Just Shair and the direction we took to make characters for our YouTube channel this year.  It's been such a blast and has opened me up to wanting to explore character acting a bit more.  And since there have been questions, here are some quick answers: No, Shannon is not with me in LA.  Yes, we are still friends.  Maybe we will get to do another Just Shair video or photoshoot in the future when we visit each other.  And yes, new videos are still coming down the pipe!  I'm the editor and have 100% failed during my move at keeping up with our remaining footage.  Soon chickens, I promise!

Clothing Life: Members Only was one of my favorite collaborations this year and I wear these jackets to death.  This entire fall I feel like I've been LIVING in the olive one! 

Real Life: I'm just thankful that there are so many things to be thankful for.  It sounds cheesy, but hear me out!  When I first started fashion blogging there was a LOT going on in my life that was less than ideal.  Being in Los Angeles has been on the table for as many years so me living here isn't entirely unexpected.  However, me being so damn delighted every day is an amazing unexpected surprise and turnaround.  I hope everyone is having a great time today, and if things aren't going so well I hope you turn a corner very soon.  If it can happen to me, it can happen to you.  Have an awesome and safe weekend, everyone!
Lauren-Blair Donovan


  1. You rock, Lauren! This post was great to read. You have a wonderful attitude, and I am so happy to hear everything in LA has been going great! And yay for more Just Shair posts! I was curious how that was going to work after the move. Glad you have a few more coming up. :)


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