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Thankfulness 2017

Happy Thanksgiving if you're in the states!  Otherwise, happy totally normal Thursday!  I decided to do a compilation of some of my fave clothes from this year (this is a VERY incomplete list, mind you) and explain why I like them, nay, why I'm THANKFUL for them.  And because clothes are not the most important things in life (WHAT??) I also list something I'm thankful for in my general life, as I've had a pretty great year!
Clothing Life: I waited with baited breath for this octopus printed skirt from Unique Vintage to come out.  Seriously, this is one of the coolest novelty print skirts EVER!

Real Life:My move from Denver to Los Angeles itself went pretty seamless.  Yeah, a lamp broke and whatnot.  But nothing got too delayed, the drive was flawless, my dogs stayed calm and are obsessed with our new balcony. They usually needs tons of time to process a new place, so them acting like well adjusted pets has been delightful.  Seriously, things were damn near perfect--all …

A T-Rex Vs Elephants

New favorite photo of all-time!
Hey!  Like my NEW balcony view?  Perhaps a parking garage isn't super glamorous, but I'm thrilled I still have a private balcony to photos on.  I used to do public photos and while I admit some of the best style bloggers in the biz do their photos that way...I....just...can't....go...back.  I still have a few posts utilizing my old balcony so when they appear know that I didn't move back to Colorado!  I decided to use one of my newer photosets today because a) I'm excited and b) the outfit I was about to post was way too similar to my last outfit.  
This dress was my first ever Bernie Dexter dress!  I got it at the end of 2013 which means we're about to celebrate our 4th anniversary together.  I had NO idea that such an obsession with this brand was about to ensue when I got it.  It was on ModCloth and I stalked it until the price was lowered.  I love elephants so naturally I was drawn to this dress.  (For anyone a little bit con…

Bernie Dexter Mari Green Bee Dress

Earrings: Ann Taylor Cardigan: J Crew Factory Brooch: Erstwilder Dress: Bernie Dexter Bag: Kate Spade Shoes: Chinese Laundry
Hello!  Today I wish to tell you a very sad-turned-happy shopping tale!  Years back Bernie Dexter had a dress in this exact print but in the Mariposa style.  I waited for it to go on sale, but sadly it sold out before that day happened!  And I never saw this dress on my size in eBay or swap groups again!
Imagine my delight when Bernie Dexter brought this print back earlier this year in the Mari style.  Obviously it had to be mine!  Green is one of my favorite colors, which is part of what attracted me to this print (not enough novelty prints come in green!).  Though I recently reviewed the tropical Mari dress, this was my first Mari dress.  I have it in my usual XS size (the tropical Mari I own is in a size small) and I must say it fits like a glove!  The Mari style is officially one of my favorite Bernie Dexter cuts and I hope she continues to release more of …

Hanging on the Telephone

Hello!  I feel like I've been throwing a lot of dresses at you lately so today I'm getting back to my 'Queen of Skirts' roots by wearing this oldie but goodie skirt via Romwe.  I can never get over this print!  It's cool and funky and yet ultra feminine.  
I received this ModCloth shirt (Cafe au Soleil Sleeveless Top in Telephones) a few weeks back and while I love it, I can't truly rave about it.  I really adore ModCloth's namesake house brand and find their dresses and skirts to be 100% quality.  Their shirts?  Well, they're fun but VERY thin fabric wise.  I'm terrified this won't make it past a few washes, but we shall see.  Other than that, the fit is fine (XS for measure).
You know I had to mix prints!  I just can't help myself with these things!  If you were to look at this Romwe skirt closely you would see it actually has navy blue in the sunglass lenses instead of black but it's so dark it looks (and photographs) as black.  So b…

The Perfect Autumn Dress

Hello and happy November!  Where has this year gone?  I'd be more bummed out that it's fall (I'm a summer kind of girl) but since I've moved to Los Angeles the seasons changing has become kind of moot!  Regardless, one can still celebrate seasonal colors and this Bernie Dexter dress is the perfect outfit to do so in!  Frankly, I think it's great for all seasons, but the reds and yellows make it impossible to ignore in autumn!  
This dress style is a Victoria dress, and it is an oldie but goodie!  I believe Bernie has long retired them!!  If you're in love with this style you can search on eBay and Poshmark for them and will eventually get lucky.  There's also a plethora of new Bernie dress with sleeves, (like the Kelly dress and Drive In dress), so fear not if you like short sleeved dresses!  I find that all of the Bernie Dexter dresses with sleeves tend to be a more relaxed fit, for what it's worth.  And for measure, I am in a size XS.  I think the V…