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Happy Times in Folter's Unhappy Hour Dress

Hey, all!  Happy Monday!  I want to share some stuff that's been going on in my life but first let's discuss the outfit!!  Happy Halloween!  Though I wear "spooky" prints all year, of course I had to debut one on the blog today!
This is another gem from Folter that I got from Lovely in Lilac.  (Seriously, Lovely in Lilac is the greatest source for Folter and Retrolicious dresses besides their actual home sites!!)  The print is of monsters and other colorful characters drinking potions at a bar, so the name of this dress in Unhappy Hour.  Get it?  It's a new favorite of mine for sure!  The dress is darker, so it's easy to pair black with it.  But it has browns and navy too, so really any color of a layering piece would totally work with this dress!  This time I went with my green jacket as there are also tons of green in the dress too!
Here are some shots without my Forever 21 jacket so you can see the fit of the dress and a close up of my triceratops Kate Sp…

Yellow & Purple & the Color Wheel with Hell Bunny

Hey, all!  Happy Wednesday!  This bright and cheery outfit seems fun and bold, right?  If you agree, there's a reason!  One little trick to dressing in a snappy, eye catching, and seamless way is to use opposite colors to make things POP.  How does one do this?  Use the color wheel: See how the purple is directly opposite from the yellow?  Because they're on the opposite side of the spectrum they look really bold while they're together.  Blues and oranges have the same effect, as well as red/pinks with greens.  So if you're ever stumped on how to make a colorful outfit choice but don't know where to begin, this is a great start!!
I'm wearing the purple Vanity Hell Bunny dress that I recently acquired from eBay!  It's so many girls "unicorns" (ugh, that term drives me crazy.  It's so common it's totally basic--sorry, not sorry) that I'm surprised nobody bid on it.  I wanted it because I don't have nearly enough purple dresses, but …

Bernie Dexter Mari Dress in Tropical Print Review!

Greetings!  I've been foaming at the mouth for a Mari dress by Bernie Dexter since she debuted them (...earlier this year??  Time is blurring together and I can no longer remember how new versus old this style is!!) and I finally got my hands on TWO!  This is actually my second Mari dress but I've fallen WAY behind in posting due to having a nasty head cold at the end of September and then moving to California.  I decided to review this Mari Dress in Tropical Print first because a) it's limited edition and b) I strayed from my normal sizing!!
A few weeks back Bernie Dexter debuted two new prints (in both the Mari and Kelly style each) in this Tropical print and in a print called Hawaiian Delight.  I have next to no grey dresses in my wardrobe and fell hard for the burgundy (almost like a brown in real life) with the bright yellow in the pattern.  This Mari feels like the epitome of classic style from yesteryears so I really wanted it.  Bernie (who is now in the Facebook g…

PSA: Folter Maxi Dress Are AMAZING!!

One of my most worn dresses is THIS spooky forrest Folter maxi dress I got from Unique Vintage 2+ years ago.  Though I believe it's only made the blog one other time (when I saw the Foo Fighters) I seriously wear that dress ALL the time!  It's so comfortable and is so versatile that it's basically a dream come true.  Folter recently released a slew of new maxi dresses (I believe for the first time in a year or so), so unsurprisingly I had to get one.  I landed on this Pyramids Maxi Dress, and boy do I love it!  (Also available from Lovely in Lilac.) 
Like the spooky forrest dress, this dress is made from a silky fabric.  Most Folter (and Retrolicious) dresses are cotton, but it seems that they make exceptions for their maxi dresses.  Given how comfortable and smooth to the touch these are, I have zero complaints!  I've never seen a dress like this in that few maxi dresses have border prints like this.  Additionally, this is an off the beaten path "spooky" pr…

Emily and Fin Summer to Fall Dress

Greetings from LA!  That's right!  I'm a Los Angeles resident now!  My stuff won't arrive for the next week or so and I don't yet have Internet hooked up to my new apartment (I'm writing from a hotel currently as I'm getting the keys to my new place later this afternoon), but I have officially moved out of Denver, so I will have the time to be posting more frequently from here on out.  YAY!
Emily and Fin is one of my new (to me) favorite designers of 2017.  It took me a hot minute to get into them, but eventually I just couldn't resist their novelty prints.  I prefer their button down dresses because I'm such a sucker for shirt dresses and Emily and Fin arguably does them best.  I got this number from ModCloth (Too Much Fun Dress in Alfresco Feast) a few weeks back and love it.  It was a gamble because I got a Too Much Fun dress (Emily and Fin lovers--what's the name E&F gives this dress on their site?  I'm still learning the names of style…

Lindy Bop Dinosaur Dress

If you've been reading my blog or following me on Instagram for a while you likely know two things: 1) I love me some novelty print dresses and 2) I love anything dinosaur themed in regards to clothing.  So when I saw this Lindy Bop Joy Green Dinosaur Swing dress (also available in skirt form) it pretty quickly became mine!
Lindy Bop does some of the best prints out there but sometimes I don't "love" the styles they come in.  I do love shirt and collar dresses so I was pretty stoked to find that their dinosaur print came in this style!  The fit is pretty good, though it's not my favorite....and sadly I can't pinpoint why!  I don't dislike it...there's just a lack of a reason to say "fits me like a glove."  But I really do like it and am thrilled it matches my Kate Spade triceratops purse (can Kate Spade make even MORE dinosaur purses already, please??) and my lavender Chinese Laundry shoes.  I own a solid majority of the dinosaur brooches f…

ModCloth + Emily and Fin + J Crew Factory = Perfection

Excuse me, but this is my new favorite outfit!  I randomly threw it together for a Just Shair meeting last month (check out NEW episodes involving us playing "great" life coaches on YouTube HERE) and it was one of the happiest of outfit experiments!  I've said it before and I'll say it again, ModCloth and J Crew go amazing together!  There's something about the retro quirkiness that ModCloth generally brings mixed in with the bold color choices of J Crew (Factory) that just seem made for each other.  Very few Instagram fashionistas and style bloggers seem to combine the two brands, and it just baffles my mind!  
ModCloth is getting some help via Emily and Fin as the top is from MC but is the brand E&F.  I've gotten very into them this year and this top is amazing!  (See more of this top in a ModCloth video haul I did on YouTube!)  I don't always go for plaids but I just loved this pink-yet-autumnal plaid midi skirt (now on sale!) from J Crew Factory th…

Save the Planet with this ModCloth Maxi Dress

Welcome to another Monday, Grace Rock Kelly Roll readers!  Man, I came down with a nasty cold about a week ago!!  As you may know I have a bunch of reoccurring conditions and disorders but I very rarely get what I call "normal people illnesses"!  So imagine my surprise when I woke up Tuesday morning with a sore throat!  So please forgive me for going awol!  
Luckily I photographed this outfit a bit back and it's been dying to make it's blog debut!  This dress is by ModCloth and it's called the Courageous Connection Maxi Dress in Activist.  The print has all kinds of environmental scenes and has font like "Don't Pollute" all over the dress, which is why it's called "activist".  I HIGHLY recommend this dress and I discuss it more in the video below!
Rounding out the style details we have an alligator necklace from Designosaur (via Coconette-Oz).  I wanted to have a pop of color and this teal number seemed to be perfect for this dress!  I k…