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Madame Tussauds in NYC Review

Hey!  I don't usually do travel posts, but I had a blast in NYC two weeks ago with a dear friend of mine.  I grew up a little less than 2 hours from the city so I went there all of the time, but it had been FOREVER and a day since I did anything touristy.  My friends and I opted to do a few touristy things, as well as some local stuff.  Here is the first part of what will be a 3 part series about my time in New York the first week of the September.
I went to Madame Tussauds and all I got was Tyra Banks telling me I was no longer in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.  RuPaul seemed to bask in the fact that I had to pack my bags and go home.

I'm not going to lie...I'm coming out with guns blazing on this first one by starting out with my least favorite attraction/activity we did first.  Madame Tussauds is very famous if you have a lot of Facebook friends who have posted photos of themselves here OR you follow celebrity news closely.  Upon going here and telling friends about Madame Tussauds I am realizing that it is equal parts NOT famous as some people have looked at me with a blank and yet confused look on their face when I explained to them what it is.

So if you don't know...Madame Tussads is a museum in a few cities, including NYC,  and they house wax figures that have been made in the likeness of public figures ranging from singers, actors, politicians, and other famous history makers.  The people behind these take exact measurements of the celebrities and try to replicate a celebrity in all their glory.  I am not a travel blogger and went into this attraction not being 100% sure if I was going to make a blog post out of this, meaning I regret not snapping a few photos of things I wish to describe.  For instance, Rihanna is a white woman at Madame Tussauds.  I regret not getting photographic evidence.  But for now, here is a photo of creepy Carrie Underwood Jennifer Aniston to see a less racially charged fail from the people who make life-sized wax dolls for a living:
I guess this would have been better if they gave her "The Rachel" wig...

Here's the thing: you will see that obviously lots of laughs were had during out visit to Madame Tussauds.  But there were some downer points, which I will elaborate on at the bottom of the post...after all of the fun!

View of Times Square from Madame Tussauds

I wish they posed Albert Einstein with his tongue out...
Getting serious with Anderson Cooper...
Forgot to tell y'all!  I totally took a meeting with Anna Wintour while I was in New York!
Totally kicking myself for not wearing one of my Retrolicious dinosaur dresses!!  
I used this as an opportunity to get slutty with Don Draper...
 ...while my friend Sarah had more "Joan-like" aspirations!
Okay, since when was Michael Jackson Posh Spice???
Fact: Apparently Sporty Spice has a gold tooth!
Baby Spice was a good replica.  Here is a photo of the real Emma Bunton and her wax figure to illustrate how life-like her figure was:
We didn't do the special Ghostbuster exhibit, but there was a Ghostbuster part of the general museum walkthrough--which scared the hell out of us with loud noises upon entering! #NoWarning
Who ya gonna call?  I don't know, but apparently I'm using a payphone...
Melissa McCarthy is so short!  I towered over her standing straight legged next to her and assuming her stance I was still several inches taller!
Jackie looked better than JFK, to be honest.
Throwing privacy aside and clearly showing which way my votes swing!
The only thing unrealistic about this was that there was no big screen TV with Fox News debriefing him...
I mean, how hard could this be to f*ck up?
Flo Jo!  There was a whole athlete room, but I wasn't as impressed.  No NBA Dream Team players, no 1996 women's gymnastic Olympic teammates, and no early 1990s Phillies players.  I'm selective with which "sporting" people I pay attention to.
I mean, comedy and vintage idol?  C'mon.  OF COURSE I TOOK A PICTURE WITH LUCILLE BALL!
I stuck around for a second photo because she needed some help making toast.  I guess Ethel bailed on her.
I do love Louis Armstrong but I also snapped this so I could pretend I was Grace Kelly in High Society in case she didn't have a wax figure (she didn't).  Read about my love for Grace Kelly HERE!
It's really not fair that the Michael Jackson wax figure was so good because they chose to replicate a time in his life when he was only made of wax.  I would have been MUCH more impressed if they nailed his Jackson 5 or Thriller days.  Just sayin'...
Morgan Freeman was totally one of the better ones.  AND he got a Victoria's Secret Angel in back of him!  #Lucky!
Nelson Mandella was also pretty good.  And, he was VERY TALL!!
Set of New York City while IN New York City.  Kooky, I know.  If you've been eyeing my Retrolicious Toucan dress you can purchase it HERE!
 Queen Elizabeth was also one of the better ones too.
We watched Selena together and mercilessly made fun of the child actor who (poorly) portrayed the kid version of her.  Naturally we had to take a picture!
 I went to the University of Miami, and while I NEVER do the douchey totally cool "The U" sign, I made an exception for the most famous alumni, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
I don't care what anyone says: Sister Act is a great effing movie!  Whoopi had one of the better figures as well, and I was so pleased they chose her Sister Act days over her The View days to make a wax figure out of.

We did have fun.  But here's what made us leave not totally satisfied.  For one, the price was kind of high.  We paid less because Sarah is a military spouse, but normal adult admission is $38 (we each paid around $26).  We had done the Empire State building the night before and it was $28 do go to the main deck on the 86th floor and about $50 to do both that and the 102nd floor deck.  We did both and that felt more justifiable because the Empire State is iconic.  Regardless, without a discount Madame Tussauds is $10 more than doing one level of Empire State.  And if you do both floors, it's still more back for you buck.

I wouldn't complain if it was a LONG exhibit, but it was three floors!  They shoot you up to the 11th floor via elevator and you go through each exhibit in a winding circle, not usually realizing you're going downstairs slowly.  We wound up in the gift shop on the 8th floor feeling confused as to why there was a gift shop in the "middle" of the exhibit.  Then we found elevators that only took us back to the lobby.  What kind of logic is it to start at the 11th floor and only have a museum for 3 floors?  We were there for maybe a half an hour, making this even less bang for our buck.  (We were RELIEVED we got a discount!!)  

Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but it also took us a few moments to get used to the exhibit.  The well done figures as well as the "not so great" figures were ALL kind of creepy, as they all had dead eyes "staring" at us.  The photos you see in this post are primarily after we got warmed up because we were kind of weirded out initially.  And then it was over.

There were also tons of people who did not have figures, ranging obvious A-listers like George Clooney and Angelina Jolie to weird snubs a la Jennifer Lopez (a born and bred New Yorker) not being in their Latin room.  We spend a solid portion during dinner at a Georgian restaurant recounting to Sarah's husband all of the people who were NOT featured.  Sure, they probably rotate figures and some exist in their other museums.  But only three floors with tons of recognizable names missing for nearly $40?  So silly.  We paid roughly $10 less than that (thankfully) but we were still kind of miffed.  If we paid $15 we probably wouldn't have cared.  But it's honestly a lame museum for the size and the price.  And I NEVER complain about price of admission stuff, so the fact that I am complaining means something.  

If you LOVE celebrities, I guess I recommend this museum.  It's your best bet to get photos of you and "the stars."  But if you're apathetic to celebrity culture, I'd say skip this.  OR only go if you're in a weird and silly mood and don't mind dropping some cash on a short exhibit.  I went in with a good attitude and while I had fun, I really don't need to ever do this one again.  Meh.
Lauren-Blair Donovan


  1. This place is amazing! I visited in August and I spent a great time there.

  2. Jeez that is steep price! I actually lived next to a Madame Tussauds in Sydney and never actually made it in it. I always thought it was a bit creepy myself, haha. I do believe they had George Clooney & Angelina Jolie in that one. (Judging by the ads I saw from it.) But some of those well-done ones are pretty cool! If it wasn't so darn expensive it looks like it's at least a fun way to take some goofy photos! Haha! Looking forward to the rest of your NYC posts!


  3. I've always wanted to visit one of these actually. Not like, omg I have to, but I'm just interested to see how the wax figures look. I really liked the Lucy one! Love her. Louis turned out really good too. No Grace Kelly though?! Also, ugh, the one of JFK did NOT look like him. Disappointing. You know my love for JFK haha. Jackie looked kind of like her. All of the ones you thought were dead on, I would agree too. The comment amount Michael Jackson had me LOLing too because #truth.


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