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Duck Hunting on Monster Tiki Island

Happy last day of August!  I will say that I wear a lot more black in the late summer!  I'm rocking a little bit of a tan (sorry, tanning and diet sodas are my--lame--but accurate vices) so I don't look so washed out wearing black!  Though this Monster Tiki Island skirt by The Oblong Box Shop has many maroon and brown undertones I wanted to pair it with black to keep it classic and classy.  How fun is this print?  Lagoon monsters, Nessie, mermaids and more!  I'm a huge fan of the prints of The Oblong Box Shop and designer Denialle Von Fitch but this one is easily one of my favorites-and it's perfect for summer!
Word on the street is that TOBS and DVF (she opened a new site that's still under construction) are going to start putting out skirts in a different fabric than their usual polyester starting sometime in the near future.  Everyone seems happy about this, but at this risk of swimming against the current and defending polyester (people tend to hate that fabric,…

How to De-Duggar a Denim Maxi Skirt

I'm sorry, but ever since the Duggars burst onto the screen with their millions of spawns it's been hard for me to look at a long denim (or chambray) skirt without eliciting imagery from the infamous Arkansas clan.  Ugh.  Thaaaanks, Duggars.  
As you may have noticed, denim/chambray skirts of all lengths are trending big time as of late.  Though I'm not a trend based blogger, these types of skirts have come and gone so many times that they are now "classic" in my mind.  Given the length and versatility of maxi skirts, I really wanted a button down one for some time and I finally nabbed one from ModCloth during one of their (many) massive sales this summer.  (The Ensemble Ingenuity Skirt is currently sold out, but HERE is the link in case you wanna eyeball it for returns in your size). Like my roots????
Last summer I barely blogged due to travel, working too much on other projects, and just life.  I didn't get a chance to showcase my summer style too much, which …

Pinup Girl Clothing Love and Rockets Jenny Skirt

Happy Monday!  Apologies for taking nearly a week off.  It's been one helluva a hectic summer for me and I just needed to go dark and work on some other stuff last week.  But now...I'm baaaaccckkk! How was everyone's weekend?  I went to see Depeche Mode and got to hang out with one of my best friends and his kid.  And for the rest of the weekend I chilled OUT!  Ha.
Pinup Girl Clothing recently did a collaboration with Los Bros. Hernandez comics and this Love and Rockets Dance Party Print in Jenny Skirt is one of the items.  Initially I didn't realize it was a collaboration as I don't know a ton about comics (I only ever read comics as a kid featuring cartoons I already knew, a la Animaniacs).  But I thought the dancing people border print was so cool.  It's retro, timeless, and totally fun.
Wearing mostly black seemed like the best way to go for styling this outfit for the first time.  I LOVE these ModCloth wedges as well as my J Crew basic black tee shirt, as th…

Twinsie Tuesday #5: @PenelopePinup in Folter's Face Dress

Hello, and welcome back to Twinsie Tuesday!  Today is a SUPER fun twinning event as I'm twinning with one of my favorite fashionistas, @PenelopePinup!  Sometimes you get the sense that if you met an Internet friend IRL that you'd hit it off and I definitely get that impression with my twin today!!  We not only have a ton of overlap in our closets, but she's caught my attention (amongst many others) for photoshopping herself into fun, silly, and over the top backgrounds in her outfit of the day photos!  A fashionista with a sense of humor?  Talk about a girl after my own heart!  She is by and far one of my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram, so I highly recommend you follow her if you don't already!
We are twinning in Folter's Faces dress!  Both of us seem to have a deep love for Folter & Retrolicious dresses (sister companies) so I'm thrilled to be twinning with another big fan of arguably my most worn dress brand!  This post is a little bit differen…

ASOS Postcard Skater Dress

Greetings!  I'm a sucker for travel themed dresses and this post serves as proof for the second time within this week alone!  This dress is from ASOS and it's called the Bow Detail Cut Out Skater Dress in Postcard Print.  Sadly it sold out immediately, as did it's equally cute skirt twin counterpart, but you can click the links to see if it's restocked and better investigate if you want to try to find it on eBay.  
I love this dress because the color scheme is perfect and the print is to die for it's so beautiful.  It's elegant and summery at once too, which I love.  I typically don't "love" cut out dresses, but lately I've been softening to some that are in this style.  This cut out is very subtle too, especially with the bow over it, so whether you love the style or not it's not a huge deal.  
I've been having a bigger love affair with ASOS lately as they've been really catering to my current style mood, which can best be descri…

Is This Trashy Diva's Psychedelic Ferns Helena Dress THE BEST DRESS EVER? Yes!

Excuse me, but this dress is amazing!  I hate to play favorites with my clothing, but this is a SERIOUS #1 dress contender!  I'm assuming you want, nay, NEED this dress, so I'm going to cut to the chase:
The brand?  Trashy Diva. The print? Psychedelic Ferns. The dress? Helena.
I've wanted this Helena dress in Psychedelic Ferns since last summer or fall (whenever it debuted).  The print seemed cool and unlike anything in my closet, but the more traditional Trashy Diva styles like midi skirts and 1950s dresses it also comes in weren't calling my name.  I love me a dramatic maxi dress and I love all things from the 1970s.  Honestly, I'm not entirely sure if this dress is 1970s based or based on a 1940s style gown, but either or it's very much one of my favorite styles of dresses so I "needed" it.
I love Trashy Diva but I'm not as rabid as some of their fans.  (That may be changing though.)  There's NOTHING wrong with the brand, but sometimes the pri…

A Realist Does Yoga: Month Two

Hello!  Welcome back to my monthly segment where I discuss how doing yoga every day (for a minimum of 10 minutes) changes or does not change my life.  Yoga is a healthy habit that I love, but like a lot of natural cures it can boast curing ailments and mental outlooks to the point of extreme and skeptibility.  This is a no holds barred report on what daily yoga really does to oneself through the eyes of a realist and critical thinker!  If you missed the first month, CLICK HERE to read!  (To sum up: month one was enjoyable, nearly cured my almost daily headaches, and I was encouraged by other small changes.)
First Half of Month Two General Thoughts: When I think about the past two weeks, my main takeaway is I'm still enjoying the discipline and commitment of doing yoga, though towards my final days of this cluster I became more spacey and nearly forgot to practice yoga and had to scramble towards the end of the day to accomplish my daily practice.  I liken this to just being used to …