Where to Find Shift Dresses

Greetings!  I know it's officially after the 4th of July and it's that time of summer where everything goes by so fast!  But it is STILL summer and it WILL be hot out for some time, so let's talk about shift dresses as they are the one of the best clothing pieces that'll keep you cool!
 ASOS has become a new favorite store of mine!  They have tons of fun and basic shift dresses that will meet every need you have.  This Rik Rak Trim Ruffle One Sleeve dress made a separate appearance on the blog a few weeks back (HERE).  It's a surprisingly versatile dress with such bright different colors, making it easy to keep it simple in all black accessories like shoes...or in black shoes with Barbie heads in the wedge, thanks to Jeffrey Campbell.  

I find that ASOS shift dresses tend run from anywhere on the cheaper side (think $20 range) and can make their way up to the $70 dollar range.  But a lot of items quickly go on sale so the lower price points can go for even lower and the higher price points can be cut in half.  

 This Frilling Off the Shoulder Denim dress by Chicwish is a super popular dress.  And by "popular" I mean that's it's both popular on Chicwish and it's popular elsewhere as countless designers have their own take on this dress (though they are all very similar).  I wore this around Chicago last year and met countless other women around the city wearing the same dress.  Given that I'm largely vintage based, this is probably the biggest "trend" that I've taken part of.  I love this dress because it's simple yet bold, is easy to style, and I get a lot of use out of it.

I consider Chicwish a mid-point price range, though with sales you can get good discounts.    This dress is currently almost $50 but there's a 10% promotion they have going currently.  

 A lot of people have brought to my attention that Amazon is a fun and cheap source for clothing.  I've only ever found brands that I like on Amazon (like Folter/Retrolicious) so I was a little skeptical trying a non-brand/Amazon brand based dress.  This Shele Women's Casual Off the Shoulder Striped Ruffles Strapless dress caught my attention on a Buzzfeed sale round-up.  It comes in black, pink, blue, and what I chose, green.  It comes with a belt, but I like wearing my shift dresses loose so I opted not to use it (for now).  

This is probably my least favorite dress of the three I'm featuring in this post, but it's not bad quality.  (Though I wouldn't say it's the BEST fabric either.) It's a little more narrow than I like it in these types of dresses.  But it's somewhat classic and I'm going to play around with styling it a bit more before deciding if I'm in love or if I need to sell it on Poshmark.  However, it's only $15, which makes it the biggest bargain of this list.  
Basically every place imaginable has shift dresses nowadays.  But these are three very different sites that I've found that has a major abundance of them.  Are there any stores you've found a lot of options at that I've missed?  Let me know in the comments!
Lauren-Blair Donovan


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