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Twinsie Tuesday #1: Emily of Thoroughly Modern Emily in Bernie Dexter's Yellow Rose Dress

Greetings!  Welcome to a BRAND new series that will be published (most) Tuesdays!  If you've been with the blog for a while, you may remember I used to have a guest blog series.  For reasons I couldn't put my finger on, I felt like it wasn't entirely working so I put it on what I thought would be a hiatus and now it's totally defunct.  I still wanted to collaborate with other bloggers and fashionistas on my blog, so I've been sitting with that idea while brainstorming in the back of my head about what angle felt right to me.  Finally it hit me!  SO many of us in the vintage community have similar taste and yet none of us style things exactly alike nor do we all look alike!  Since I'm unaware of any regular twinning function on a blog, I thought this would be a fun and hopefully refreshing series to introduce my readers to bloggers they may or may not know yet, show off how these pieces flatter everyone, and get a two-in-one outfit inspiration post!

The rules are:
  • Me and a fellow blogger/fashionista pick a central piece we have in common to twin in.
  • We do NOT discuss how we are styling the outfit; how similar or different we are is a complete surprise until I get the photos in my inbox.
  • We both answer the same questions pertaining to styling and the brand we chose.
  • I ask an extra question just for the featured stylish lady so you can get to know something about what makes her unique!
Without further ado, I chose Emily from Thoroughly Modern Emily to be my first twin!  We "met" during #JennyJanuary in 2016 and she's been one of my favorite fashionistas ever since.  She's incredibly bright, an awesome writer, and seems like one of the more genuine girls I've come across in the bunch.  I asked her to be first in part because she was on my short list of bloggers I wanted to feature upon figuring out a new collaboration angle, and in part because homegirl is on a deadline!  She's 6+ months pregnant and is STILL rocking a very solid majority of the outfits she was wearing pre-pregnancy!  ::taking a moment to bow to her::  Anyway, for obvious reasons I wanted to catch her before this inevitably became a reality and twinning is impossible!  We had made a flippant remark a few weeks back on twinning in this gorgeous Bernie Dexter Yellow Rose Paris Dress (that also comes in black and teal) in a Bernie Dexter group we're both in, so this made our choice easy!  Without further ado, here's our twin post!

What was your process for styling this outfit?

Emily: Well, since I’m six months pregnant, I knew this dress didn’t have a snowball’s chance on a hot July day of zipping, so I knew I’d have to wear it as a skirt. The colors in this print are so gorgeously vibrant, making it a bit hard to choose between a magenta, kelly green, or black and white striped top, but in the end I went with one of my cardinal style principles: just add red! I love the way stripes look with a bold print, and I decided to pile on a bit more red with my shoes, accessories, and petticoat. (Because when you’ve got a baby bump that’s roughly the size of Rhode Island, of course you need to add more volume!)

Lauren-Blair: This is such a timeless and elegant dress that it was super tempting to go for full-on vintage glamour. However, it's the dead of summer so I wanted to wear this in the exact manner I tend to dress in the summer: really low key. To be fair, I wear fancier clothes in the summer but I keep the styling to a minimum with barely there make-up and not a lot of accessorizing. (Too hot for make-up and statement pieces can speak for themselves without a lot of accessories!) I wear a lot of flip flops and sandals in the summer too, and since these Rocket Dog shoes from a ModCloth Stylish Surprise a few years back match perfectly (anyone who is as big of a fan of yellow as I am knows not all yellows are equal or necessarily match...) it was a perfect combination.

How frequently do you wear this brand?

Emily: Usually, I wear one of my Bernie dresses at least once a week, though the pace has slowed somewhat since I gave in to the inevitable and started adding some maternity clothes to my rotation.

Lauren-Blair: Summer through early winter: constantly. Bernie Dexter is arguably my favorite dress designer. I take a hiatus in the dead of winter and into the spring because it's too windy for circle dresses.
How frequently do you wear this dress?

Emily: Have you ever owned something you love almost too much to use? It’s like that with this dress for me – this print is long discontinued and I adore it so much that I really only pull this dress out for special occasions, or days when I need a real pick-me-up. I’ve probably work it five times in the year and a half that I’ve owned it.

Lauren-Blair: This is one of my first times! I tracked it down right before Thanksgiving but given the time of year it was it didn't get much play. Buying dresses in the winter is frustrating...
What made you want to buy this dress?

Emily: I saw this dress on pinup blogger Miss Amy May, accessorized with a cardigan in my favorite shade of green, and knew I had to have it. Green and red are my favorite colors, so anything that can be paired with both is a must-have for me! I’m drawn to full skirted silhouettes in bold, saturated hues and prints, and also tend to look better in those colors than pastels, so I couldn’t pass this one up!

Lauren-Blair: I used to be indifferent to floral prints as I favor the crazier novelty prints. This is going to sound cheesy, but I got this dress in black three years ago and when I first tried it on I felt genuinely beautiful wearing it--which isn't a reaction I have when trying on clothes! I realized some florals can in fact be special and I tend to want "all the colors" when a piece of clothing works, ha! The teal was easy to track down, but the yellow took over two years! And of course, yellow is my favorite color to wear so that was delightful, ugh.
None of our similar poses were planned, but admittedly I knew Emily loves to twirl in her photos so I gave it a whirl too ;)

Have you been able to style it in other ways than you have today? Why or why not?

Emily: I’ve gone with more traditional styling choices the other times that I’ve worn this dress, opting to pair it with a red cardigan, a green cardigan, and (on one sweltering weekend day) no cardigan. The no-cardigan look is strictly for non-work days, though, as the Paris cut is a bit low-cut on me for everyday wear. I’m seriously considering getting one of the red gingham Dolly tie tops from Trashy Diva to wear with this dress, since I think it would look super cute and provide me with enough coverage to wear to work on a hot day.

Lauren-Blair: This is my first official styling, besides once wearing it to the grocery store on a whim. I imagine I'll use reds, whites, and maybe blacks or pinks to style it in the future. My only complaint about this color scheme is it is tricky to get too creative, though upon seeing how Emily mixed prints so well I'm considering changing my answer a bit!

Just for Emily: I've noticed you've been rocking your usual style and old dresses 6+ months into your pregnancy! How have you been able to to do that and do you find the style you wear easy for anyone else to do too?
I was able to wear a lot of my old clothes well into my pregnancy by hiking the waistband up above my growing belly, by picking some of my looser/stretchier dresses, and by wearing dress with smocking at the back, like my Trixie dresses from Trashy Diva. Up until about a week ago, I hadn't really grown much right under my bust, so I was able to wear almost all of my skirts at the Empire waist rather than my natural waist. These days, I actually find wearing dresses as skirts is a better option, since I can zip themas far as they go and then just throw a belt over the top. More generally, I'd definitely say that my usual style is actually quite maternity-friendly. I wear a lot of full, swingy skirts, which means there's nothing but room for an expanding baby bump, and a lot of my stretchy dresses are still going strong at 6+ months. Bonus: wiggle dress show off a baby bump once you're ready to tell the world about your pregnancy!

So there you have it! Two totally different ways of styling this dress with two perspectives on it, plus some maternity style advice in case you're in the family way! Please follow Emily on her blog/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and hit me up if you want to twin with me! Happy Tuesday!
Lauren-Blair Donovan


  1. I love this, Lauren!!!
    It's so interesting to see the differences, yet they both look fabulous!!

  2. I am just so delighted that you finally tracked this dress down, and so pleased and honored to kick off this series with you! Thanks again for asking me! Looking forward to seeing future installments, and perhaps spotting a few other blogger friends twinning it up with you!

    PS: the Paris style is PERFECTION on you! And I love it with that necklace -- so fun!

  3. Oh, I loved this series now! I loved both styles, yours and Emily and I really loved the skirt (and top) and Emily's top! Very nice idea to style a twin piece; I would looove to take part, but I don't think I have an outfit like yours, such a pity, because I love your style - purely because I didn't buy the pieces online - who knows for the future! Hope you have a great rest of the week!

  4. This is such a great idea for a blog it thanks for sharing! :)
    You both look beautiful in your Bernie Dexter dresses! xo


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