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A Bernie Dexter Halter, a Beagle, and a Dino

Told ya my dogs were getting VERY into crashing my shoots!  Ha.  How was everyone's weekend?  Mine was good.  Underground Music Showcase (UMS) is a festival in my neighborhood that I go to roughly every other year, and this was a year I went.  (I wrote about my experiences at UMS 2015 HERE and HERE).  It was fun--mostly.  In the past they've had some great headliners and I used to know a lot more local acts.  Myself and everyone I trolled around with knew virtually nothing about any band playing.  This wasn't a bad thing, as exploring new music without an agenda is fun.  But it was different not having ANYTHING dictate the time tables.  The other pros and cons were that it was fun to bump into a bunch of people I haven't seen in forever (for the past two years I've been a bit more reclusive and less of a social butterfly, but am currently trying to remedy that a little) but the weather was really weird this weekend.  It was both hot and chilly, humid, rainy, stormy…

Dinosaur World at the Denver Zoo

You may have already been able to deduce that I have a bit of a thing for dinosaurs.  From owning (at least) two dinosaur printed dresses from Retrolicious (here and here) and having two Kate Spade dinosaur purses, and having tons of other dinosaur items related to accessorizing...this is not new information!!  Anyway, while wearing one of my dinosaur purses to the supermarket, the cashier noticed it and informed me that there were "baby dinosaurs" at the Denver Zoo.  Knowing there was no way in hell that could possibly be correct, I asked her to repeat what she said, which again was, "There's baby dinosaurs at the zoo".  Trying to be as polite as possible, I asked how that could be.  She told me she wasn't sure but it's what a co-worker had told her.
Not even a little bit believing this, I Googled it to see what was actually going on.  I found that the Denver Zoo was hosting an after-hours exhibit on Saturday evenings involving animatronic dinosaurs thr…

Twinsie Tuesday #2: Lindsey of Have Clothes, Will Travel in Tatyana's Fanny Green Skirt

Welcome back to another Twinsie Tuesday!  This week's central twin piece is the Tatyana Green Fanny Skirt (also found on ModCloth under the name, "B. Jones Style Midi Skirt in Pine") and my lovely twin is Lindsey, from Have Clothes, Will Travel.  If you don't yet know her, Lindsey is one of the most unique bloggers out there!  Her style is feminine, classic, and occasionally quirky but always totally her own (read: no cookie cutter outfits, yay!).  And as you may be able to deduce from the name of her blog, she is also a travel blogger.  What makes her different than other travel bloggers is that she LIVES in different cities and countries for months at a time.  So Lindsey really gets the lay of any new land and blogs about her adventures in a new place.  Hands down she's my favorite travel blogger because all travel tips, stories, and guides are 100% organic and it never feels like I'm being sold something.
What makes this collaboration special is that it'…

A Very Rainbow Wrangler 70th Anniversary

Hello and welcome to Thursday!  If you loved last week's denim cropped jacket from Wrangler's 70th anniversary release you are in luck!  Continuing on with the 70th anniversary collection I have this awesome fun and retro Wrangler outfit and it totally highlights the brand's classic and vintage sensibilities--which makes me LOVE the Wrangler!
The shirt is called the 70th Anniversary Wrangler Logo Screen Print Loose Tee and I love it's late 70s and early 80s vibes.  It satiates my quest to find more early 80s vintage (true and repo alike) that involves this American rocker vibe over the 80s stereotype of shoulder pads and outfits Madonna wore.  This is a cool logo tee because it reminds me of several band tees, and I would know because I have a million of them!  Naturally I had to commit to the whole look and wear these rainbow tube socks (you can find them on Amazon).
Denim mini skirts are definitely back in style!  I used to wear a lot more jean skirts a few years back …

Twinsie Tuesday #1: Emily of Thoroughly Modern Emily in Bernie Dexter's Yellow Rose Dress

Greetings!  Welcome to a BRAND new series that will be published (most) Tuesdays!  If you've been with the blog for a while, you may remember I used to have a guest blog series.  For reasons I couldn't put my finger on, I felt like it wasn't entirely working so I put it on what I thought would be a hiatus and now it's totally defunct.  I still wanted to collaborate with other bloggers and fashionistas on my blog, so I've been sitting with that idea while brainstorming in the back of my head about what angle felt right to me.  Finally it hit me!  SO many of us in the vintage community have similar taste and yet none of us style things exactly alike nor do we all look alike!  Since I'm unaware of any regular twinning function on a blog, I thought this would be a fun and hopefully refreshing series to introduce my readers to bloggers they may or may not know yet, show off how these pieces flatter everyone, and get a two-in-one outfit inspiration post!
The rules are…

Wrangler + Dinosaurs

First things first: did you know Wranger is in the midst of celebrating their 70th anniversary as a company?  Whoa!  Congrats and happy birthday to Wrangler!  To celebrate, they have a limited 70th Anniversary Collection and it's chockfull of some SERIOUSLY fun items.  Both trendy and vintage babes listen up, because there's stuff that BOTH camps will love!
I'm excited to be sporting a few (stay tuned) Wrangler 70th Anniversary Collection pieces, but today I'm wearing arguably the best denim jacket I've ever owned!  It's called The Wrangler's 70th Anniversary Cropped Jacket and not only is it a perfect fit (XS for measure) but as the name implies, it's cropped.  It hits me at the top of the hip bone, as opposed to inches past there like most denim jackets.  I bring this up because a lot of us vintage loving babes prefer cropped top layers to accommodate higher waisted bottoms.  This is the perfect jacket to carry around with you when it's too hot to …

Where to Find Shift Dresses

Greetings!  I know it's officially after the 4th of July and it's that time of summer where everything goes by so fast!  But it is STILL summer and it WILL be hot out for some time, so let's talk about shift dresses as they are the one of the best clothing pieces that'll keep you cool! ASOS has become a new favorite store of mine!  They have tons of fun and basic shift dresses that will meet every need you have.  This Rik Rak Trim Ruffle One Sleeve dress made a separate appearance on the blog a few weeks back (HERE).  It's a surprisingly versatile dress with such bright different colors, making it easy to keep it simple in all black accessories like shoes...or in black shoes with Barbie heads in the wedge, thanks to Jeffrey Campbell.  
I find that ASOS shift dresses tend run from anywhere on the cheaper side (think $20 range) and can make their way up to the $70 dollar range.  But a lot of items quickly go on sale so the lower price points can go for even lower and t…