Yumi Pineapple Shift Dress = Perfect for Summer

I've mentioned it before, and trust me, I'll mention it again soon in upcoming blog posts, but I love shift dresses!  They're one of the only trends that I've truly been behind in recent years!  They're also one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing one can wear during the summer as they're airy and don't cling to you!  Bonus points: this will be a fun outfit come winter to wear black tights and mint or yellow shoes with, so this is a year-round functional dress!

I fell utterly in love with this pineapple shift dress from Yumi (via ASOS) and knew it had to be apart of my collection.  (This dress is nearly sold out, but the same print in a different style can be found HERE.) Yumi is a brand I've been semi-familiar with other the years and I own one or two pieces from them.  This number is surprisingly because they're somewhat catered to me in that they're both a modern brand and an homage to some vintage styles, so you would think that number would be higher!  Regardless, I'm absolutely in love with this dress and will be keeping a bigger eye on them from here on out!  I believe Yumi runs true to size, as this UK 6/US 2 fits perfectly!

ASOS is another brand that I've been aware of but only owned a few pieces from for years.  Recently that has been changing!  They also instituted $19 for a full year of 2 day shipping, which I decided to take advantage of.  At $4 for standard shipping and with it nearly taking a full week to be delivered, it seemed like you'd get your monies worth in just a few orders and it makes life more convenient.  Plus, I'm the absolute worst at playing the "shipping minimum" game in that I can rationalize buying two items to cover free shipping to make it "worth it" even if it means spending tens of dollars more than I would have if I just ate the shipping costs.  Since I was drooling over a few items and I am currently hoping some things go on sale, it seemed rational to just get the 2 day shipping and not worry about minimums from here on out!

I kept this styling pretty simple, as that tends to be my summer M.O.  Shift dresses are already statement dresses that don't need too many extra bells and whistles, so win/win! I wore Jessica Simpson heels I found on Poshmark because they match the yellow in the pineapple perfectly.  Plus, since shift dresses are not form fitting it's okay to give your legs a sexy boost without feeling gratuitous.  My Melie Bianco bag from a few years bag also matched perfectly, so it was a no brainer to pair it with this outfit.  I've been super addicted to collecting Kate Spade studs lately (on Poshmark they're often pretty cheap--even new ones!) so given that I had teal ones I decided to wear them to bring out the trim of this dress.  How do you like to style your shift dresses?
Hope everyone is having a great week!  Mine has been busier than anticipated!  I believe I'll be posting a yoga piece tomorrow (yes, yoga!) and I have a bunch of posts all set for next week!  Happy-almost-weekend!
Lauren-Blair Donovan



  1. That dress is so cute!! I love shift dresses! I don't own too many things from ASOS myself...and I don't know why?! I love everything they carry and their international shipping is so reasonable. That year of 2 day shipping sounds like a good deal too.


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