Tatyana Dice Jumper Review!

 Hello, all!  I've had a few wrenches thrown in the works this week so forgive me for only posting for the first time this week today!  Oh, life...ha.

This post breaks my heart slightly because I love the brand Tatyana so much.  I believe their clothing to be high quality  and some of my favorite vintage inspired pieces come from Tatyana and I will wear those for years to come.  Last year I took advantage of their 50% off Memorial Day sales and had a bit of an issue because their sizing had totally changed.  (Click here to read about that fiasco and how it was resolved.)  This year I also took advantage of their Memorial day sale and got this Jumper in Dice as well as their Happy Hour dress.  It appears they've changed their sizing yet again and I'm at a loss.

This jumper isn't too bad, but the Happy Hour dress is absurdly too large and even after attempting to shrink it in the wash the waist sits too low.  It's doable if I can find a wide belt to match the dress, otherwise I'll be selling it and it will not be debuting on Grace Rock Kelly Roll anytime soon.  This jumper technically fits, but it's not without issue.  It runs slightly large and there really isn't a way to adjust the straps.  I own a few dresses/"dresses" like this and all have either multiple buttons to attach the straps to (or criss cross the give a different fit) or have adjustable straps.  If I was an inch taller I'd be a) happier as it's my belief that I'm short compared to some people in my family at close to 5'7" and I should be at least one inch taller but I got stunted somehow, and b) the straps would fit perfectly.  I haven't yet tried to shrink this so that may work.  As you can see, it's doable and doesn't look bad (other than the fact that I neglected to iron this before the photoshoot...apologies!).  I will be keeping this and will find a way to make this work.

I'm kind of at a loss.  Tatyana doesn't release a huge amount of inventory so I really do only shop there 1-2x a year maximum.  Last year they changed the sizing without updating their size charts and I was stunned to find my normal skirt size with them (small) was way too large and was happy they allowed me to exchange for an XS.  I've always been an XS in their dresses and now they're way too big (and it's not because I've shrunk a bit this year) because they measure larger, especially the other dress I got.  I believe they used to offer an XXS option but I don't think they've done that in some time.  So for the time being I'm sized out, and it's kind of bummer!  Hopefully they'll get their size fit models back on track, but I've kind of lost my trust with knowing what I'm getting so I'll be relying on fellow bloggers to figure out if anything has changed.  Sad!

I don't want this to be a scathing review.  I still love the quality of Tatyana's clothes.  But this may be my last post featuring (new) items from Tatyana because I borderline don't fit in their clothing anymore.  Ugh.

Rounding out the outfit I wanted to ever so slightly mix prints with my ModCloth Miami Moments tops in Hedgehogs (read my review on these tops HERE), and ModCloth black wedges from about a year ago.  To add further whimsy and a bit more color into the mix, I added one of my favorite novelty bags ever: my pink Kate Spade T-Rex bag.
Have you ever had to "break-up" with a brand that you loved?  Why or why not?
Lauren-Blair Donovan


  1. You look so cool! Love this cute bag!



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