Simplifying Bold Patterns

 Hey, beautiful Internet-ers!  Apologies for last week and the sparse posting on both blogs!  My health was wacky and life was chaotic so blog world needed to be neglected.  I have some fun posts on both sites coming up so thanks for bearing with me!  And because I missed a How-To post on Friday, I'm doing a mini How-To post today as a bonus/make-up!

One of the most common comments I get on Instagram and in real life go something to the effect of, "I love your outfit but I could never pull that off!"  I'm here to tell you in this post that that is wrong!  I'm not saying you need to be the quirkiest of them all or even mix prints, but you can absolutely pull of zanier looks and still be "you", classy, low-key, or whatever adjective you feel describes your style.

Here I'm wearing the popular Retrolicious Rainbow dress (via ModCloth) in which I kept the styling very simple (I'm not even wearing make-up...thanks to Glo Minerals skincare line 👏).  Sure, this dress is a touch loud because it features ALL THE COLORS but it's also classic and clean because it's effectively just a striped dress, though the stripes are on a diagonal.  With matching red glasses (simple and timeless aviators), belt, and the classic and can never go wrong simple Barbie pumps the look is tied together and is hardly over the top.  The dress is the statement piece and the rest of the outfit is grounded.  

Whether you're rocking a crazier novelty print OR a bold color pairing, if you keep everything else grounded by picking one solid color to tie everything together you really can't go wrong.  You may feel like you're out of your comfort zone and "pushing it", but people will think you look great and that you have a fun (not crazy) sense of style.  This look really is for everyone...I promise!
The one extra "bell and whistle" type accessory that I added was my Atomic Lucite Soap brooch.  Soap is my favorite sitcom of all time and has been since I discovered in reruns on Comedy Central when I'd come home from early morning cross country practices when I was 14.  I could go on about WHY I love the show so damn much and how it informed my comedic sensibilities--and one day I will--but for now I'm wearing it because this post is a Blair Uncensored cross over post.  Being that June is Pride Month, today on Blair Uncensored  I'm talking about one of the lead characters from Soap, Jodie Dallas (played by the amazing Billy Crystal) and how he's a forgotten gay character on TV and why his character was over the top special.  Read about my post on this HERE and if you haven't seen the show, seriously, just buy it on Amazon and thank me later.  It's slap stick yet witty, a parody of soap operas in sitcom format, has some of the best physical comedy I've ever seen (though it's not remembered for that) and scarily enough a lot of the themes hold up despite being a 40 year old show!  
Lauren-Blair Donovan


  1. This dress is glorious on you! And picking one color for all my accessories is one of my favorite ways to style novelty prints, too! I feel like it makes my outfits more work appropriate.

    I've never heard of Soap and now I'm ashamed of myself!

  2. Oh my what a wonderful bright and colourful dress....I love it on you! You make it look so much fun to wear! :)


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