ModCloth + Wrangler Collaboration

Being somewhat based in the vintage fashion world, I find myself often in the minority of vintage loving women who actually enjoy pants.  Yes, I prefer dresses and skirts but pants absolutely serve a practical function (especially on cold and windy days...) and I think they can be a lot of fun!

Because I love vintage I'm a sucker for high waisted denim that women from the 1970s would rock.  However, this style can be tricky as it hugs all of the parts that most of us get subconscious about!  When ModCloth debuted their collaboration with Wrangler, I got pretty excited.  I immediately wanted the Wide Leg Whim Jeans, but almost as immediately got nervous.  Finding the right size jeans is never not a battle, especially online, but upon reading there was no stretch I balked a little.  I'm not even trying to be cute when I say I cannot remember the last time I owned denim that didn't have stretch!  So getting non-stretch denim was mildly scary, to say the least!

After hemming and hawing for what felt like forever, I finally went for my normal size 0.  I genuinely wasn't sure that they would work, but the 2 was already sold out.  Thankfully the size 0 does work.  I think the 2 would have been fine too, as I like relaxed fits in this style, but my normal size treats me right (and has loosened up a bit while wearing them out, like at Metallica a few weeks back).  I feel like jean companies have wised up to keeping the sizing similar, regardless of stretch capability so people don't riot?  Maybe that's wishful thinking based on a one-time experience, but let's hope!

Rounding out the outfit I decided to have some fun.  I got these killer Jeffrey Campbell shoes from eBay last month that fit in so well with my 70s loving wardrobe (although they are very heaving and I definitely and literally "clunk" around in them), so obviously I had to pair them with these jeans.  A lot of the reviews on these jeans mentioned how long they are; I feel they're longish but not terribly so.  I wore them to Metallica in flats and they got borderline frayed, but it wasn't bad.  Heels help, but I don't think they're the longest pants ever, ya know?  (I'm a touch under 5'7" for reference.)

As you may know, I'm totally obsessed with Sonic Youth and this rare green Sonic Nurse shirt I have is a favorite in my band shirt collection.  I liked the shirt with these jeans because while Sonic Youth is not from the 70s, the motif still works while not being on-the-nose.  I'll use any excuse to use one of my Kate Spade dinosaur bags, and pink and green are always a lovely color combo.  My necklace is also from Kate Spade and my earrings are Ann Taylor.


Did everyone have a good weekend?  Mine was mostly full of work obligations, meetings, comedy work, etc.  But it wasn't without any play; last night I got to have dinner with my best friend and his ADORABLE one year old and on Friday night I literally (soberly) "partied hard" until past 2AM with Andrew WK during a DJ set he did (and met him).  I actually wore an outfit that seriously got the most compliments I ever got in my entire life, so I'm going to recreate it here for the blog over the next few days!  Hope y'all had a great weekend too!  
Lauren-Blair Donovan


  1. Great outfit babe... and You look beautiful...xx, Neha

  2. Oooh I've had my eye on those jeans since they debuted on ModCloth months ago! I have about 4 pairs that are similar, but gosh I just love high-waisted, flare jeans!! We might end up being jeans twins with these too, haha. Good to know they seem to run true to size too. The no stretch thing always makes me nervous when ordering online.


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