Emily and Fin Hannah Dress Review

 Happy Monday, Grace Rock Kelly Rollers!  I'm oh-so pleased to bring you my review of the Hannah dress from the UK brand Emily and Fin!  I've been nothing short of completely obsessed with button down dresses for the past year, and since Emily and Fin has a few styles like that I've been blowing through them in 2017!  (See my review of their Frankie dress HERE!)  

Honestly?  I LOVE the Hannah dress!  It may be my favorite Emily and Fin style, which came as a bit of a shock to me.  Most Emily and Fin dresses have a more conventional retro fit, in that they're tighter in the waist and flare out from there and are therefore not formfitting.  The Hannah dress isn't a pencil dress, but it is a super narrow A line that could possibly show off any perceived or real "problem areas."  I was not immune to being worried about this!  I'm an hour glass figure with a slight lean on pear, so dresses like this can be tricky on me depending on how they're constructed.  If you've read my other reviews of Emily and Fin dresses you may remember that I am a UK 6/US XXS but can make a UK 8/US XS work with belts and shrinking them in the wash.  Given this style seemed like a different cut altogether and some reviews were coming in that it was too tight in the waist on all styles, I was nervous about sticking to my preferred UK 6 but was afraid the UK 8 would be too big in the bust (as that was also being reported).  

I ordered the XXS (UK 6) from ModCloth since it's stateside AND they've just reinstated free shipping/returns, so I could more easily swap out if need be.  With baited breath I opened my package and tried it on and was pleasantly surprised that this dress fit me PERFECTLY. Phew!  I found this style to be a relaxed fit but form fitting, which is always a great combination.  I don't doubt that other girls had a less positive experience than I did, but here is a vote of confidence from me.  I love this dress so much that I definitely want the Hannah version of the print Sunset Island over the other options it comes in.  What's your favorite Emily and Print style??

How amazing is this Moroccan Rivera print too?!  I'm such a sucker for travel prints (probably because I'm not well traveled at all) and Morocco is VERY high on my list of countries to visit.  The color scheme is to die for, and as far as novelty prints go this print is far from cliche but is still subtle and totally beautiful.  

Rounding out the look is comfort and barely there make-up (hello, summer!) because I wore this on Friday during some meetings and wig + accessory shopping for a new Just Shair direction coming later this summer.  (Check out a hint HERE, as this dress makes a cameo too!) I actually have a lot of stuff in the comedy world coming out, so I'm super excited!  But I digress, basic sunglasses and Forever 21 sandals rounded out my look and I have no regrets.  Check out an IRL picture I snapped while out and about about an hour prior to doing this shoot HERE
How was your guy's weekend?  Aside from the above shenanigans, mine was tame and productive.  I'm hoping to get my YouTube channel going more over the next few weeks, have some fun posts planned, and will even be debuting a lifestyle post featuring yoga because I did yoga every day for 31 days and want to share how that changed or didn't change my life.  Plus, I have Blair Uncensored if you haven't checked it out yet!  Okay, enough of the self promoting!  I hope everyone is doing great and I'll catch ya on Wednesday!
Lauren-Blair Donovan


  1. Loving this dress on you!! The yoga post sounds super interesting!!! That's some serious dedication!

    With Love & Style,
    ♥ Amber

  2. What a gorgeous tropical inspired print, great for summer! You look like you're ready to hit the beach! :)


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