Bone Structure

Mixing prints can be as subtle of a process as you'd like it to be!  It's not always about being loud or being overtly eye catching.  This Folter skull dress from ModCloth is a favorite of mine (likely last seen HERE...where I named some of the skulls after famous historical figures, ha) and now that it's summer I'm excited for it to be back in my wardrobe's heavy rotation!  (For any newbies to my blog, Folter & Retrolicious dresses tend to be my "uniform" in the summer!)  

This time around I was really inspired by the white in the dress, as it's an off white and a true bone-white color...which makes sense!  I recently got these Nine West wedges (already sold out but you can find similar ones HERE) and am obsessed with the muted neutrals and pastels on it.  Given the that wedges are in a color block style, it's borderline mixing prints with my dress but there's a very clear connective tissue so it's not "too much."  My Kate Spade circle bag, which was found on Poshmark last year, also ties everything together because it has very similar muted tones.  Not only do certain colors of the bag match both the shoes and the dress, but the blurred circles on the bag play well with the skull print as the skulls are evenly aligned in a near polka dot fashion.

This is a great look if you want to keep cool this summer, maybe be a little bit chic, but have a darkness or edge in your personality!  I recently revamped my About Grace Rock Kelly Roll page and I discuss how I like to play with opposites in looks like these, so please feel free to take a gander if you're interested HERE

Is it summer where you are?  We started having tons of 90+ degree days lately so summer is definitely in full swing here!  Stay cool! 
Lauren-Blair Donovan


  1. This outfit is fabulous! I never would've thought a skull dress could work so well for summer - but the way you styled this one is perfect. Looks comfy too! It feels like we've been swinging between spring and winter here. It's really confusing, haha. I would die in 90+ degree weather right now! Wowzers.

  2. What a fun dress, Lauren!!

  3. Its a very cute dress Lauren...Kisses, Neha


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