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Ann Taylor Summer Lookbook

Hello, people of Internetlandia!  Today I'm doing something a little bit different!  I rarely do lookbook posts featuring one brand or designer, but today I'm going to take a stab at it.  A year ago Ann Taylor became a new favorite of mine with the discovery of their pineapple maxi skirt, realizing how quality the clothes are, and how Ann Taylor wasn't as stuffy and corporate as I had previously believed they were!  Here are some fun looks from Ann Taylor that I believe both vintage and trendy girls alike will love!

 I give this dress 4/5 stars.  I'm obsessed with green dresses, so that's part of why I love it.  I also am borderline obsessed with shift dresses now (...wait until Friday's post...!) so this slightly fitted shift dress is an interesting take on the structure.  While the quality is good and the fabric is thick, somehow it does somewhat cling.  I originally had planned a corresponding video to go with these outfits but scraped that idea due to timing constraints (for those who have never done it, editing videos is a whole different animal than editing photos or written pieces!) and I was going to voiceover those thoughts while strutting in this dress.  I feel like this dress makes my stomach ever so slightly protrude out, but I promise there is NO baby announcement coming...ever!  (With all of my health issues I've decided that in the future adoption or fostering is better than me carrying a child.)  So this one throws me!  But I'm not really self conscious about it as much as I'm pointing this out in case someone would be wigged out by this.

I'm honestly more excited to wear this dress come fall.  I want to play with button downs underneath it, or wear knee socks or boots with this number.  Being that yellow is my favorite color I have a lot of yellow items, including a mustard cardigan and pumps that I'm itching to pair with this dress...but it's 90 degrees now!  So, stay tuned for a remix come fall perhaps!  The bottom line is that this is a simple dress that's a sturdy staple in anyone's wardrobe.  It's good for work, a night out, or something more funky, depending on how you remix it!
 I'm really obsessed with maxi dresses and I'm very obsessed with 1970s fashion, so this look spoke to me.  Even though tiers are very trendy NOW I feel like they never truly go out of style as they are always a call to the vintage glamour that was the 1970s.  What I love about this dress is that it's easy to be super casual and slip on flip flops and walk out the door OR get completely dolled up and wear this to a wedding or a fancy night out.  This time I decided to play up with a bold color pairing.  Do you ever wish you could play with colors in your closet but either don't know how to do it correctly or feel like you're missing the mark?  Here is a cheat for you:
This is called a color wheel, and the general rule of thumb is that you can look it up to figure out what colors to match with by pairing one color against it's polar opposite (found directly across from it on the wheel).  Here you will see that oranges tend to be opposite of blues, which is why this orange dress with turquoise accessories is so eye catching.  This is a great cheat if you don't know where to begin; I've told my friends in real life about this and they've tried it with successful results!  

I rate this dress 5/5.  It's not doing anything wrong (other than it's wrinkled at the bottom bc I spaced on ironing...sorry!) and is versatile to last for a very long time.

 Okay, so recently I've become OBSESSED with Diane von Furstenberg.  But other than an amazing luggage set I found at Marshall's this winter, there's no way in hell I can afford anything from her, including famous her wrap dresses.  (Though Diane, I AM available for collaborations so please shoot me an email 😜)  My love of DVF definitely attracted me to this dress. I love this dress because I'm someone who believes purple goes with everything (the ferns are lavender though both Ann Taylor's site and my photos make it hard to totally tell) including orangey reds!  In short, I was most excited for this dress.

I honestly only rate this dress a 3.5/5 when all is said and done though.  I like it, the quality is good, but there's something about how the tie falls that just isn't doing it for me.  It's entirely possible that I'm an idiot, as tying a bow is NOT my forte.  I'm still playing with it, but I was a little bit disappointed with this dress (though I still love it).  Every piece I'm showing you is a size 00.  There's a part of me that wonders if I went for a 0 if this dress would fit or lay different/better.  It's definitely not too tight and part of the beauty of wrap dresses is that they're adjustable, but again, I just can't put my finger on what's up with this dress.  As I stated above, it's really hot now so this is another number that may not see the light of day until fall.  I am excited to see what I come up with when the weather makes it more appropriate to wear this baby!
 I'm such a sucker for safari prints and I've been trying to make a jumpsuit work for me for YEARS!!!  (Again, I'm obsessed with the 70s and no 70s loving closet could be complete without a jumpsuit to rock!)  There's something about the combination of my height (5'6"+) with being slender with a narrow rib cage but a curvier hip measurement that makes jumpsuits allergic to me!  I was dying for this one to work out because the print is to die for, so this was definitely the option I was most worried about!

My overall rating?  4/5.  I always tell women who are experimenting with vintage fashion to take a moment to digest how they look in high waisted numbers and full circle silhouettes.  Seeing yourself in a totally different form takes a minute and we're inclined to go negative at any changes before allowing ourselves the time to wrap our heads around the new look.  I had to do this with the jumpsuit.  It was the first jumpsuit I ever wore that actually fit me, but I needed a minute to process.  A jumpsuit is one the most dramatic pieces of clothing one could wear.  Despite that I wear loud prints and have fun with clothing daily, it took me a moment to get there and this piece almost felt too dramatic or gratuitous or something!  I'm thankful for it because it grounded me and helps me relate to women who want to break out of their norm but are afraid to leave their comfort zone; I had forgotten what that felt like!  

My exact thoughts were that I was worried that the hips were a bit too tight but didn't want to exchange because then the top would be too big.  I found myself wishing the pant legs were slightly wider.  I wasn't sure.  But then I let it sit for a few days, tried it back on, and decided I loved it upon a second fitting.  Despite that it's 90 degrees every day now, it can cool down at night so I'm totally planning on wearing this on a night out ASAP.  Note: this did come with a matching belt of the same fabric.  It's lovely, but I opted to choose a solid belt to break everything up a bit.

What do you guys think of Ann Taylor?  I've been nothing short of impressed with their print and styles lately so I had a lot of fun showcasing all of these looks for you.  A year and a half ago I never would have believed I'd love Ann Taylor so much, but the way they've evolved really suits my vintage meets modern meets novelty print look.  What stores have you unexpectedly loved?

Lauren-Blair Donovan

PS- My dogs have been rebelling against my "you can't be on the patio with me when I'm taking photos" rule lately.  I'm not saying dogs will be in future posts just laying around in front of me...but I'm not say they won't either....ha.


  1. Haha! I am all for the pups being in photos! :) And wow! I never think to go to Ann Taylor for clothing - terrible, I know. But every single look you featured here is amazing! I need to give them a shot!

  2. Your smile never fails to brighten my day, I swear <3

  3. I love dogs in pictures :) so sweet! By the way, returning to blog activities today and catching up! Your new blog design is great and you look amazing in every picture. My favorite one was the wrap dress and then you said it's not so good... ah... anyway, you look amazing, the jumpsuit is also great and the squared line dress (greenish) is also super beautiful! Hope you have a nice week!


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