3 Outfit Ideas to Keep You Cool Without Showing Too Much Skin

Why, hello!  If you're in the United States summer "officially" begins Memorial Day, which was last weekend!  And if you're in the northern hemisphere, your brain probably associates summer with the month of June, which we are officially in now!  I thought today would be an appropriate day to help strategize your summer looks!  Being more in the vintage inspired community than the modern community, I recognize that a lot of women who prefer vintage inspired looks tend to prefer modest clothing.  But looks that cover you up too much can be uncomfortable this time of year!  Here is a post on how to keep cool and let your limbs breath free, all while keeping a classier look!

Crop Tops/Bandeaus with Longer Skirts
If you've been with Grace Rock Kelly Roll (and all of it's incarnations) for some time now, you know how much I adore this look in the summer.  It may some risqué to some, so let's divide and conquer.  A LONG time ago I read a magazine stating that some random of percentage of skin can show and you can still be considered a classy dresser.  I don't remember the actual number, sorry, but the gist was that if you show your legs you should cover your arms (or do that in reverse).  Though I rarely believe in too many fashion rules, this one stuck (mostly).  When you wear a classy skirt such as this high waisted and tea length Pinup Girl Clothing Cabana striped one, it's easy to go from stylish vintage and chic to frumpy if you add too many layers to it.  Come summer, it becomes necessary to not add layers to stay cool, so you may as well have fun with it!  Whether it be tea length like this or a maxi skirt, wearing a shorter top will not ruin your rep as a classier dresser this summer.  You're still being way more modest than most girls you could ever hope to see at a music festival or stumbling out of a club, so have fun with variations of this look!
Necklace- Designosaur  via Coconette-Oz
Shoes- ModCloth

Looser Fitting Body Hugging Clothes

Here I'm showcasing a relaxed fit pencil skirt and a baggy tank tucked into my skirt.  Yes, the look is slightly revealing, but it isn't over the top--especially with a higher neckline.  I consider this look "form fitting" without being "body hugging" and I think the difference is important to play with when deciding where your line in the sand with showing too much skin is at.  Notice I'm also wearing a top with lipstick all over it and a dinosaur embroidered skirt from ModCloth.  There's a a whimsical quirky feeling to this outfit, which can also help cancel out gratuitous sex appeal tighter skirts sometimes garner.  Again, this may be a splitting hair difference.  I'm in no way telling you how to dress as much as I'm presenting ideas to play with so that you can have fun with fashion and stay cool this summer.  
Top/Bottoms: ModCloth 

Shorts with a Long Sleeved Tee
Warning: do not wear this to a patio brunch in 100 degree weather as your arms will insist you stop reading my blog!!  That said, this is an appropriate look for when you know you'll be in air conditioned rooms or going out after the sunsets.  This is a great look for the start of summer as well as the end of summer, as the heat index won't be at it's peak.  Currently, Denver days are pretty hot, but at night it cools down so a sun dress alone can be chilly.  This is 100% a look that I wear while out and about on warm nights when I want to feel summery.  The shorts give you that fun and flirty summer look, but the long sleeves grounds the outfit from being too over the top.  I'm sure a lot of you reading are living in places where summer isn't quite in full gear just yet, so this is an ideal outfit to brainstorm off of while getting impatient about wearing your summer clothes.  (Shorts last seen HERE for another long-sleeved brain storm as well!)

Necklace- DSW
Bag- Kate Spade
Shorts- Ann Taylor
Shoes- Nine West

Do you guys have any tricks I missed??  Is summer already in full swing where you're at?  I hope everyone has a nice weekend!  On my other blog, Blair Uncensored, I wrote about how the women of Freaks and Geeks are heroes.  I'm linking this because I have a sneaking suspicion this post is really up a lot of my readers alley... CLICK HERE to read!

Tomorrow is the 14 year mark of my father's death.  I've been pretty well adjusted about this day for some time, but for some reason last year it made me sadder than usual, which caught me slightly off guard.  Maybe 13 years felt like a long time?  I'm not sure.  I'm planning on not really being on social media tomorrow because I'm feeling the idea of keeping to myself, though that may change.  Otherwise I'll be back on Sunday and have new posts Monday!  Have a great weekend!
Lauren-Blair Donovan


  1. Great tips.. though I don't think I will need them since I'm never too warm! ;)

    I hope last week wasn't too hard and sad for you... and I hope you have a great weekend now!

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