TOBI Robyn Ivory Midi Dress

Happy Monday to everyone!  I know Monday is a day that garners a lot of complaints, but hey, we're all alive to see another Monday, right?!?!  Ok, I'll quit the gratuitous positive Polly stuff and jump into the outfit, though I'm still keeping it positive!!  I LOVE this Tobi dress!  I was super nervous about receiving it because I was unfamiliar with Tobi's on paper versus reality sizing charts.  I'm usually an XS in dresses across the board, but because there is a cutout in this one I wasn't sure if I should be small to prevent my stomach from literally busting out of the dress!!  But because I'm narrow in the general bust area (and an A cup...) I reasoned tight would be better than loose.  Boy am I glad I got the XS!  It fits nearly perfectly!  It's a smidge big but that's a good problem to have because if it shrinks a bit in the wash than oh-well.  

Candidly, I'm usually not super into cut outs in dresses.  I make a few exceptions to the rule, and this is certainly one of them!  I love that this dress is a call to early-mid 20th century fashion.  It reminds me of what a lady may wear on a beach vacation in the 1940s or so.  So for all of my vintage loving readers, don't discount online boutiques like Tobi when searching for cute vintage inspired dresses!  A LOT of modern and more trend based stores ALSO carry classic beauties like this.  Here's a detail shot of the side, for those scratching their heads at that fact that this is NOT a two piece:
I'm pretty excited to wear this number over the summer and am thrilled at this addition to my closet!  To round out the outfit I wanted to keep it simple and classic with red and stripes.  My earrings are Luxulite via Pinup Girl Clothing, my necklace is from Punky Pins, and my shoes are Jessica Simpson.  Not a huge fan of white??  This dress comes in different colors so check it out!
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!!  Reminder: I've changed my Insta and Twitter handles both to @blairosaurus_rex (click to follow on Insta and Twitter) and have a new Facebook page for this blog and other projects coming up (HERE).  Please follow because I'll love you forever ;)  
Lauren-Blair Donovan


  1. LOVE! That dress looks fabulous on you, Lauren! The all white look is perfect! I don't usually find myself going for cutouts either, but this one is just darling. And your hair looks GORGEOUS too! Serious hair envy going on over, here. Haha. Hope you had a great weekend too!


  2. This dress is so gorgeous, I love your styling with the red shoes and accessories! x


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