Pop of Pink for Spring

Happy May Day, all!  I can't believe we're already half way through spring!  Of course it snowed this weekend (and promptly melted), so I'm not really sure WHAT season it feels like, ha.  That said, this year does seem to be going by impossibly fast.

ANYWAY, speaking of spring, I decided to style an outfit with mostly matching colors to the dress and then add a pop of color.  I've gotten a lot more into monochromatic looks and sticking to the same small pool of colors in an outfit, but I'm still me and have to be bold somewhat!  I paired this Bernie Dexter Saturday Night Dress in McCalls with matching platform shoes from Amazon (brand Dadawen) and my eBay oversized sunglasses and then added this pink Kate Spade bag to make everything POP.  Thoughts?

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  I'm finally ahead of the curve with photographing outfit posts, so I should be posting daily again.  Plus I have some fun collabs, announcements, and coupon codes coming so stay tuned!!

~Lauren-Blair Donovan



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