Pinup Girl Clothing Italian Landscape Skirt: Yellow Redux

Hey, all!  I'm going to make this a quick post as I have company now!  Over the summer it was announced that PUG was bringing back their red Italian Landscape skirt (last seen on the blog HERE) but in a yellow backdrop.  Yellow has kind of snuck up on me and become one of my favorite colors over the years, so I was SUPER excited.  Of course out of all of the revival prints they were re-doing, this one took the longest to come out!  At first I was mixed on the fringe at the bottom of the skirt as extra bells and whistles on clothing is historically just not my thing, but I actually really like this feature!!  I'm honestly super excited that I got this (I went back and forth for a minute) because I can see myself wearing this a ton once the wind dies down a bit here!  The teal in it is going to make for great summer style choices and I just can't wait!  This time around I went with maroon matching, in Nine West Flax heels (similar) and a basic Forever 21 tank top, which is a great pairing for when the weather is still back and forth and will be awesome come fall.  

Candidly...I think I like this more than the red print, which is so amazing, elegant, and hard to beat so that's saying a lot!  Snag one HERE!  ('m wearing XS for measure.  Historically I was a size small in Jenny skirts, but they make every print a little bit different size wise now.  Thankfully they have an individual size chart per item!!)  I hope everyone is having a great week!!
Lauren-Blair Donovan


  1. This outfit is so summery and cute! Glad you snagged this one. It previewed more than a year ago, didn't it? It's sort of hard to believe it took that long. Too bad, too, as I'm not shopping direct from PUG anymore and I'd really wanted this print! I'll live vicariously through you :).

  2. What a gorgeous skirt on you, I love the print and the colours! You have paired it perfectly with your top and heels as well! Such a beautiful outfit all together! xo


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