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Hey, all!  This was my outfit from yesterday (thank goodness it's finally feeling like summer!!) that I thought I'd share with you!  I usually try not to put too much quirk on top of too much quirk and by balancing my outfit with a classic feel as well, but I just wanted to have fun yesterday!  My Punky Pins green dinosaur necklace matched the greens in my Bento Box Retrolicious dress (from Unique Vintage) so well that I decided to do quirk on quirk!  (PSA: I'm wearing a size small for measure and this dress runs large!!  I NEEDED the belt to look pulled together, even after shrinking it in the wash.  Retrolicious/Folter dresses have been way more true to size lately, so this was a surprise.  Not since a year and a half ago had I had issues with their sizing.)  And I added two more subtle quirky touches in my Majong bracelet from Luxulite and my Daria brooch from Atomic Lucite.  Some days rules are for breaking, right?  Ha.

I justify all of this because my Nine West shoes are oh-so classic and my Kate Spade purse has a timeless quality.  Plus, aviators never go out of style!  So I suppose to still stuck to my rule of keeping novelties (somewhat) classy.  What are YOUR rules about mixing styles??
I hope everyone is getting back into the swing of things after a holiday weekend!  I work a little everyday and my internal clock has been a day ahead for roughly a month now, so the weekend didn't throw me off more than I already was!  However, I had a very late Monday night as I got to see Def Leppard for the second time and Poison for the first time!!  I feel like this is an unusual statement for someone of my generation to say, especially someone who is a diehard Sonic Youth fan, but Poison has legitimately been one of my favorite bands for over a decade.  I saw Bret Michaels' solo act a few years back, but I'm a huge fan of Poison's lead guitarist C.C. Deville, so I've been foaming at the mouth to see them as an act for forever.  And my gawd, they did not disappoint!  What bands are you hoping to see live?
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