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Hey, everyone!  Today I'm introducing you to a newer designer, Lulu Marie Designs.  She's a very talented skirt (amongst other things; lots of kids fashion/accessories for any parents reading!!!) designer.  This is one of her fabulous midi skirts (check out all of her skirts HERE), complete with an attached waist belt and pockets.  This skirt is made of quality material, is well made, and fits like a dream!  I have a special discount code for YOU, my above and beyond amazing readers!  With a purchase of more than $50, you can get 15% off with the code LAURENB! Still not convinced?  Below you can check out the the print in more detail and fall in love:
Definitely check out here shop HERE, as well as her Instagram and Facebook!  Lulu Marie Designs is definitely worth a gander for anyone who love skirts, prints, and quality made items!  And hashtag #mylulumarie when you get your gorgeous items and show them off on social media!!

I wanted to really make this print pop, so I styled this outfit with a lot of corresponding colors to make the whole outfit bold.  
I hope everyone is having a great day!  I just learned that it's going to...wait for it...SNOW in two days!  Ugh.  And of course that's when I was planning on hosting a BBQ with my friends.  I'll guess we'll be inside instead??  Hope everyone else is in STEADY spring mode, unlike us here in Colorful Colorado!!  Reminder: I've changed my Insta and Twitter handles both to @blairosaurus_rex (click to follow on Insta and Twitter) and have a new Facebook page for this blog and other projects coming up (HERE).  Please follow because I'll love you forever ;)  
Lauren-Blair Donovan


  1. I had not heard of Lulu Marie before, but the skirt you're wearing is beautiful and looks amazing on you. I also must commend you on the styling. I love it! Such a colourful outfit.
    Also sorry about the snow. That truly sucks.
    Hope you're doing great despite that.
    Much love,

  2. Really nice vibrant look with designer tops ... looks really great with casual look

  3. I like your look with designer tops and handbags. If you can use south Indian Jewellery with your look then really your looking gorgeous!!!


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