Folter Skull Dress for Summer

Hey all!  Happy Friday!  This is a quick post on a summer ready look!  Orange is one of those perfect summer colors and this Till the End of Time dress by Folter (now on sale!) is just too much fun!  I could literally pair any color I want with it, but I decided to go with orange to embrace the fun colors that summer can be associated with.  Orange you glad I did?  Har har, I know!

My brooch is my Atomic Lucite and has the cast of Soap in the TV!  Soap is my all-time favorite sitcom so I'm thrilled they made this!  Speaking of TV...I just did my introduction post at BLAIR UNCENSORED, my new blog on culture (which will feature a lot of TV!).  Please check it out!  Reminder: I've changed my Insta and Twitter handles both to @blairosaurus_rex (click to follow on Insta and Twitter) and have a new Facebook page for this blog and other projects coming up (HERE).

Have a happy weekend!!
Lauren-Blair Donovan



  1. Beautiful and funny dress. Love it a lot!

  2. I really like your taste when it comes to clothes. You always pull off those nice prints. :)



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