Flowers with Emily and Fin

Happy Friday!  Here's a quick post featuring one of Emily and Fin's new prints (and from what I can tell on Instagram, one of their most popular 2017 styles)!  I'm such a sucker for green dresses so I definitely needed their Lulu Dress in Square Garden (ModCloth's name for it, where I got it, is the Vintage Inspired Vim-A Line Dress).  I purchased this from ModCloth because it's easier to get Emily and Fin dresses through them because ModCloth is in the US (Emily and Fin is a UK brand).  I kind of messed up though and ordered an XS instead of an XXS.  I've found the latter fits me better in Emily and Fin dresses but blanked on that while ordering this late and night (probably because I'm a true XS for the ModCloth house brand?).  It definitely came a little big, but I shrank it in the wash somewhat.  It looks okay, but once I belted it the dress became next level.  So for measure, I'd say my across the board experience with E&F is that I'm between sizes but both XS and XXS can work with a little tweaking here and there.  Personally, I find the XS to be slightly large everywhere and the XXS to be comfortable in the bust and tighter (but not too tight) in the waist.

Style Tip: Red always goes with floral prints, especially ones based in greens as all red flowers have green stems.  It's easy to think red and green clash or make an outfit Christmas-y, but in reality it's a color scheme found in nature.  While there isn't any red in this print, I used a red belt because of this and it gives it an extra POP.  That, and I couldn't find a white or pink belt! Regardless, the red works in a print like this so definitely consider red in the future as an accessory to your floral dresses--even if they're green!  
Please note my brooch: Atomic Lucite made a My Girl brooch and as it was my FAVORITE movie growing up, I had to get it.

Who has fun weekend plans?  Mine are pretty tame so far, with some social stuff going on but I will mostly be doing photoshoots and working on getting my new culture blog off the ground so I can debut it THIS WEEK.  Reminder: I've changed my Insta and Twitter handles both to @blairosaurus_rex (click to follow on Insta and Twitter) and have a new Facebook page for this blog and other projects coming up (HERE).  Please follow because I'll love you forever ;)  
Lauren-Blair Donovan



  1. What a fabulous dress, Lauren!!
    And I'm on the lookout for some white shoes---they seem so summery!

  2. Such a cute dress on you, I'm loving that's beautiful! xo

  3. What a gorgeous dress! :)

    And perfect with those heels! :)

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