Cowboys and Dinosaurs

I feel like I'm not a seasonal dresser.  I wear white after labor day, bright colors and dresses in winter, and sometimes I focus on darker hues in summer.  But here is a spring look for y'all!  This ModCloth shirt is one of my favorite shirts, EVER.  (See similar ones HERE.)  It's printed, it's fitted, and I'm just obsessed with the colors.  I was last seen in this shirt on a Just Shair video discussing the sillier aspects of autumn.  Check it out (HERE) if you haven't seen it/want to see this shirt in motion.  (Yes, it's now spring, but break the rules, ha! Besides, making fun of gourds is timeless!)

The rest of the outfit I just played with the colors that are on the shirt to make everything pop.  I did a lot of pink accessories with my Kate Spade T-Rex bag/earrings and Punky Pins dino necklace.  Originally I was going to wear green heels but opted for summer wedges by Nine West since it was getting warmer out!  Yay!  The skirt is from Hell Bunny.  It's the Paula and I'm obsessed and have most colors it comes in.  You can see me most recently wearing the yellow one HERE.  They wrinkle easily, but other than that I have zero complaints are they are so versatile and classic!  Having built up my novelty print shirt collection I've been focusing more on these solid bad boys as you can't always mix prints!

Thanks for stopping by!  I've had a busy week with unexpected company the past week, but am still planning to launch a second blog on culture over the next week or so.  The best places to catch that are on my NEW Facebook page that I've barely touched so far but will be using a ton in the future, or Instagram/Twitter with their NEW handle names, @blairosaurus.  Plus all of them have updates for THIS blog, so it's definitely worth following to stay in the loop!  Have a great day, Internet friends!

Lauren-Blair Donovan


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