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Hey, all!  This time of year is so crazy weather wise, and I feel like that's true regardless of where you live!  Some places it takes forever for spring to kick into full force, some areas go from winter to summer weather overnight, and a lot of places have a lot of wind, snow, and rain with a mix of different temperatures.  I love me a long sleeved dress this time of year!  Especially if I'm wearing boots with it!  It's the best of all worlds and is perfect for weather that can't make up it's mind!  

I'm not the world's biggest pink girl, especially with my red hair, but this dress (Charming Contrast Shirt dress from ModCloth, which is on sale NOW!) really called to me.  When I first tried it on I wasn't sold (probably because I don't love myself in pink) but eventually I came around and now love it.  In fact, it's a good necessity dress for all kinds of weather so I'm super glad I have it!  Plus I love the 1970s, even early 1980s feel to it.  
I got these Nine West boots at the start of winter and am so glad I did.  I was at a baby shower this weekend during a snow storm.  The snow wasn't sticking to pavement, but I was wearing a long maxi dress that touches the ground.  These boots were perfect to give the dress some lift and not get all wet, as I had made that mistake before.  (THIS is the dress I wore to the baby shower that matched the boots perfectly; I only got one picture of myself in the dress and it's with the mother-to-be and the couple is keeping the pregnancy off social media, otherwise I'd share!)  Anyway, these boots are a very practical staple in my wardrobe!!!  They're from Nine West and have appeared to have sold out, but here are some other options from Nine West!  My Dooney and Bourke bag is also sold out, but here is a similar one.
How do YOU like to dress in the spring?  Do you have any styling tricks to be dressed correctly for all contingencies while staying stylish?  Sound off in the comments!!

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