1 Skirt: Two Ways to Mix Prints

Happy Friday!  I'm going to try and have Friday posts be all about tips and how-to posts for the foreseeable future!  This week I'm hitting a two birds with one stone.  Being a skirt queen, I'm constantly being asked how to style skirts.  Lately I've been neglectful by doing more dress posts, so apologies!  I also enjoy mixing prints a lot and I get questions on how to do that as well!  So here's one of my favorite skirts (from Ann Taylor last year) being remixed for different takes on mixing prints!

Mixing Prints Tip #1: Find a Color to Stick With
 This is a case of mixing prints but keeping something central to the outfit: the color navy.  The pineapples in skirt are navy and the backdrop against the flamingos of this J Crew Factory top is also navy.  I kept the navy theme going with the Ralph Lauren pumps to prevent the outfit from getting "too crazy."  As you can see, I'm definitely mixing prints here but everything feels cohesive.  Find something cohesive is the key to mixing prints.

Mixing Prints Tip #2: Pick a Central THEME
Mixing prints does not have to be SO literal!  You can do pineapple on top of pineapples while still mixing things up a bit!  Here I have a pineapple top (also from J Crew Factory), so with the pineapple skirt there is still a cohesive theme.  Yes, there is yellow being used here like I used the navy as a liked minded color above, so it's kind of a two-in-one example of sorts.

How do YOU guys like to mix prints??  You ready for summer?  Please be safe this Memorial Day Weekend if you're in the states!  Need reading material?  Check out my new blog, Blair Uncensored!  I wrote about Silicon Valley, the passing of Chris Cornell, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's third season this week!  Happy Friday!
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