Why I Can Never Do #AllDressApril

What is All Dress April? A lot of snappy dresses from the vintage inspired community do a style challenge in April called #AllDressApril.  It's as obvious as it sounds, as women try to wear a dress (or skirt) every day of the month of April.  This seems up my ally, given that I mostly wear dresses/skirts and am a part of the vintage community, right?  Well, not so much and the reason boils down to location, location, location!  Denver is CRAZY windy in the spring.  The weather is more all over the place than usual, with this past Friday being really cold, Sunday being 80+ degrees, and now the forecast is threatening snow for Saturday.  As much as I do wear dresses when the weather isn't exactly "dress weather" I wear more shorts and pants come spring.  Between the wind blowing my skirt up over my face, which is just SO dignified, and losing my threshold after winter and wearing pants if it's at all chilly...this time of year is the time I wear the least amount of dresses!  Now, if y'all decide to do an #AllDressAugust, I will maybe join you, ha!

All About the Outfit:  I've had this mermaid shell sweatshirt from the Bohipstian for months and I've worn it to death, but somehow it has never made the blog! It's super soft and comes in different cuts, colors, and prints, so I highly recommend it!  I decided to pair it with my Ann Taylor Paradise City shorts to highlight the green in the print.  As you may remember, I got into Ann Taylor last year.  I'm still loving the quality of all of my items, but I've shrunk a bit since and almost none of my shorts fit right so I treated myself to a new pair.  

I strongly believe green and purple are amongst the best color combinations, so I wanted to play off the shells and accessorize in purple.  Needless to say, I'm obsessed with my Kate Spade Triceratops bag so naturally I had to pair this outfit with arguably my favorite bag.  Rounding out the outfit are my G by Guess Mary-Jane pumps in purple that I've had for years and can't get enough of!

(For measure: sweatshirt is size Small and shorts are 00.)
 So many quirky/vintage/bold dressers are afraid to step outside of their box, especially if they're showing off their style on the Internet.  I hope this piece helped serve as an alternative for having fun with feminine fashion, even if it's more modern.  There's always reasons to have exceptions to the rule, so have fun with it...especially if the weather demands you change things up from time to time!
Speaking of wind...I didn't realize how wind blown my hair was until I edited these photos!  Sorry for not paying attention to the devil in the details!  But hey, you're welcome for a real life/not as glamorous outfit shot!!

How was everyone's weekend?  Mine was pretty good.  Cancelled plans here, other plans staying intact there.  I'm excited for this week because I've had a bit more energy than usual the past few days and am launching some new stuff, so hooray!  Hope everyone has a great start to their week!
~Lauren-Blair Donovan



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