T-Rex Storms Castle Dress!!

All About the Outfit:  Hey all!  Quick post today and a rare one, as this is my outfit that I am wearing TODAY.  All of the outfits that grace my blog are my real life outfits, but they're often photographed a week or so ahead of when they're published.  I'm a little behind in photographing outfits and was going to put out a bigger post today, but opted to save it for next week so here we are with an outfit of the day in real time!  

Emily and Fin is a brand that I've recently fallen for, as they have tons of button dresses--which is a style I'm VERY into as of late and don't have an abundance of in my closet.  I had seen some preview pics of their Wanderlust 2017 collection a few months back and this Painted Tuscan Landscape print (the dress style is the Frankie Dress) caught my eye.  ModCloth released it about a month back and I had a Groupon from them, so naturally I got this dress from them (renamed the Bake Shop Browsing Midi Dress in Landscape on their site).

For measure, I'm wearing a UK size 6 and an US XXS.  I find the size 8/XS in Emily and Fins run large, but frankly I find the size 6/XXS to be either perfect or kind of large too.  This one is slightly tighter at the waist than my other E&F dress in XXS (I have 2 in each size currently), but otherwise fits like a dream.  I successfully shrunk one of the 8/XS dresses I have and am going to do the same to the other one I have, if that helps anyone on the fence between the two sizes in this brand!

Style Details:  I love this dress because the colors make it easy to style, yet I don't believe it looks like anything else in my closet.  I wanted to highlight how neon the green in the print is with my neon green pumps, but also bring out the range of blues in my necklace/earrings, and play up the subtle pinks in my brooch and purse.  Naturally my brain went to my Kate Spade T-Rex bag storming the castles on the dress because, well, I'm me...!

Earrings/Necklace/Purse- Kate Spade
Pumps- Ralph Lauren via Amazon
Let's hope someone warned the villagers! 

Over the next few days I'm going to be tweaking the layout of this blog a bit here, so I'm excited for that.  Sometime next week (hopefully) I'm going to be debuting a second blog on culture, like how media plays into our every day lives, comedy series few people know about, music, and other topics that can't fit as nicely into a quick blurb.  I'm really excited about it and have been working on posts for months.  I'll give y'all the URL once I get the site to how I want it and do an introduction post, but for now I will love you for forever if you like my NEW Facebook page (CLICK HERE TO LIKE).  I fought getting a FB for me/my blog/etc for 3 years now but upon having two blogs, Just Shair, and venturing into other comedy and writing projects over the next few months (if all goes well), it's time to have an all encompassing Lauren-Blair Donovan FB page.  I'm a little nervous about having another form of social media to keep up to date, build a following with, and just being that much more exposed, but it's time.  More on all of that soon, but for now, please and thanks for liking me on FB!  (PS it's a work in progress currently with not too many bells and whistles as you're the first people I'm sharing with that I even made a page, but that will be promptly changing!)  Have a happy Thursday!
~Lauren-Blair Donovan


  1. Girl---you have the funnest purses!!
    And I liked your FB page---I can't wait to see more of you! I hope you add a service so you will send out emails when a new post goes live---that'll help me in my old age..ha ha!

  2. Oh my god! I love that purse so much! I was eyeing up the stegosaurus one - but the T-Rex is so much better! Haha, love that you used it for "storming the castles." Too funny! And wowza! You are busy! Looking forward to hearing more about the new blog.

  3. Oh my! I love the colors and print on this dress so pretty and this dress goes so wonderfully well with your t-rex bag. I love it!


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