Review: Unique Vintage Purple Octopus High Waist Swing Skirt

Going In Expectations/History: I own a few Unique Vintage skirts now and I do consider myself a fan.  That said, it took me a while to figure out that I'm really a size XS over a size Small because their size chart lies a bit.  Naturally I ordered a size XS this time around.  I've been wanting this skirt since I saw it on a pre-order list on an online boutique that I can't seem to track down again, but regardless I fell in love!  Unique Vintage has really been having fun with the novelty print circle skirt game over the past year or so, but as my collection of novelty print skirts is a rather large one at this point it takes a LOT for me to fall in love with a skirt enough to get it now.  This octopus skirt is like nothing in my closet, purple is one of my favorite colors, and it's silly and classic all at once.  

How It Measures Up: Honestly, kind of tight!  This is a head scratcher because I'm smaller than I was a year ago when I first tried a Unique Vintage skirt in a small as well as a few months back when I finally got a size XS.  So I think this batch may run small.  That said, it fits fine.  It's just a little snug.

How It Looks In Person: It's very beautiful.  To my surprise the background is more of a light teal over white, which is what I thought it was on the UV site.  Upon looking at the photo on Unique Vintage again, I realized my usual laser sharp eyesight failed me this time!  Whoops!  This doesn't make me love the skirt less, but I am recalibrating outfit fantasies I had for it thinking it was a purple and white skirt.  
The waistband is also a very different shade of purple than most of the purple used in the octopus and while it was sitting on my couch waiting to be photographed this. drove. me. up. a. WALL!  Upon wearing and photographing it, I'm not nearly as annoyed by the different color scheme.  I still thought this was worth mentioning though, in case any of you are particular about these kind of things.  In person it's a very beautiful and vibrant skirt and the subtle peachy-orange undertones in the print are actually pretty dynamic.  I  can't wait to pair an orange skirt + accessories with this skirt!  Also, as per Unique Vintage house brand skirt's usual, it has pockets!
Other Outfit Details:
Monster Earrings/Dinosaur Triceratops Purse: Kate Spade
Floral Necklace/StripedTop: J Crew Factory
Octopus Skirt: Unique Vintage
Mary-Jane Platform- G by Guess
How was everyone's weekend?  Mine was pretty good, aside from it was April Fool's Day and I'm not allowed to participate because I'm a life long practical joker and nobody trusts me on April 1st, ha!  It's like...water, water, but not a drop to drink!  I'm excited that it's finally baseball season again!  I'll definitely be participating this weekend when the Colorado Rockies have their first set of home games!  I may even wear this skirt with a Rockies top, as it's purple!  We'll see what the weather does...  Have a great Tuesday!  XO
~Lauren-Blair Donovan


  1. This midi skirt is just amazing. Love the bag too!

  2. I had to laugh about "water, water", not being able to crack jokes on April fool's day! I used to do so when I was younger, so funny! I loved your skirt, octopus is not a print I would imagine for a skirt, but good that I saw it now, I liked it! The shoes and necklace are special and you look so beautiful! Waiting for the orange pieces to style it, too! Always when I see an octopus I remember some people from the past, that thankfully I no longer have contact to anymore... I used to call those people "octopus" - when you saw, they were all over you and it was hard to escape, but I did! :) Hope you have a lovely day!

  3. Ohh that is such a cute skirt, I love UV skirts and need more!! Gorgeous x

  4. Such a cute skirt!! I love this look!
    Adi xx


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