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Smaller Online Vintage Inspired Boutiques (Like ModCloth)

Recent ModCloth outfit that I LOVE.  I'm not saying DON'T shop there!!  Shop the shirt HERE and the skirt HERE!  (Both XS for measure.)
Timing is a very weird thing sometimes.  In early March I started to draft this post.  As a style blogger, I feel it's important to occasionally do non-outfit posts and promote shopping tips and showcase stores that one's readers may like but do not know about yet. I wanted to do a "Stores Like ModCloth" post years ago upon finding out it was a very popular Google search, but was still kind of novice when it came to quirky shopping online.  I sat with the idea for a while, forgot about it at times, and then in March of 2017 I finally decided it was time to do a post like this!

Well, then the storm broke within less than a week after I started this draft.  A friend posted this Jezebel story on my Facebook wall.  I had just pulled into my parking garage and immediately read the whole thing before getting out of my car to go insid…

Why I Can Never Do #AllDressApril

What is All Dress April? A lot of snappy dresses from the vintage inspired community do a style challenge in April called #AllDressApril.  It's as obvious as it sounds, as women try to wear a dress (or skirt) every day of the month of April.  This seems up my ally, given that I mostly wear dresses/skirts and am a part of the vintage community, right?  Well, not so much and the reason boils down to location, location, location!  Denver is CRAZY windy in the spring.  The weather is more all over the place than usual, with this past Friday being really cold, Sunday being 80+ degrees, and now the forecast is threatening snow for Saturday.  As much as I do wear dresses when the weather isn't exactly "dress weather" I wear more shorts and pants come spring.  Between the wind blowing my skirt up over my face, which is just SO dignified, and losing my threshold after winter and wearing pants if it's at all chilly...this time of year is the time I wear the least amount of…

Seashell Shift Dress

All About the Outfit:  Greetings!  I'm in love with this ModCloth seashell print shift dress (Saltwater Melodies Sheath Dress).  Or rather, I'm in love with the print and idea of it, as the fit is a little wonky.  I had to sit with it before deciding to send it back or not.  Below I have my jacket off and you can kind of tell it's boxy, especially with my hand in one of the pockets.  It's a-shame because the pockets are HUGE and roomy but they give your hips 3 extra inches on both sides.  Ultimately I decided to keep this gem because the print is amazing IRL with subtle neon green and lavender shadows in the shells AND because I love wearing shift dresses on low key days.  I reasoned my figure more or less gets lost in all of my dresses like this, ha, so the fact that this one is a little tighter in the hips is probably making only me notice and nobody else will. But there is a solid chance I will mostly wear this dress with layers as I think it's more flattering t…

Bernie Dexter Kelly Dress Review

As probably most of you know, I'm a fan of Bernie Dexter dresses.  Bernie released a dress called the Kelly dress which has a front zip with a collar and is short sleeved.  This review is a little late to the party because the dress style has been out for some time now AND I started collecting Kelly dresses since LAST summer.  But time has been perpetually getting away from me, so better late than never, right? First Impressions Before Ordering:  Honestly, I was on the fence!  When it comes to vintage inspired dresses, I often opt out of sleeves because I try not to be too on the nose as I aim for retro chic over old fashioned.  Love it or hate it, that's my personal style that I flock to.  A lot of girls in this community don't have the same line in the sand either, so they were more jazzed upon a ton of Kelly dresses hitting the Bernie Dexter site at once.  I needed a minute to process how I felt about the Kelly dress.
I caved because I finally got too curious as everyone …

T-Rex Storms Castle Dress!!

All About the Outfit:  Hey all!  Quick post today and a rare one, as this is my outfit that I am wearing TODAY.  All of the outfits that grace my blog are my real life outfits, but they're often photographed a week or so ahead of when they're published.  I'm a little behind in photographing outfits and was going to put out a bigger post today, but opted to save it for next week so here we are with an outfit of the day in real time!  
Emily and Fin is a brand that I've recently fallen for, as they have tons of button dresses--which is a style I'm VERY into as of late and don't have an abundance of in my closet.  I had seen some preview pics of their Wanderlust 2017 collection a few months back and this Painted Tuscan Landscape print (the dress style is the Frankie Dress) caught my eye.  ModCloth released it about a month back and I had a Groupon from them, so naturally I got this dress from them (renamed the Bake Shop Browsing Midi Dress in Landscape on their sit…

Yellow + Green For Spring

All About the Outfit: Who here is in full spring mode, celebrating with seasonal allergies and all?  Ha, I hope not!  Mine haven't been too bad lately...only when the weather flip flops which has been less than usual, so phew!  Despite not being the world's biggest pastel girl, I found a way to make an outfit fit for spring using a little bit of light colors with a bold and rich green to counter balance the color scheme and make it more "me."  I'm personally loving it because I feel like green and yellow are often under used color patterns!  Thoughts?
Style Details: I LOVE the print on this Ann Taylor top.  The colors are to die for and I love the bird print with all of the intricate details.  I'm not super in love with the sleeves, but I don't dislike them either.  My only complaint is that I got my usual XXS and I'm wondering if after a wash if it'll be hard to get on and off because it is a tighter fit than my other Ann Taylor tops.  The skirt i…

Review: Unique Vintage Purple Octopus High Waist Swing Skirt

Going In Expectations/History: I own a few Unique Vintage skirts now and I do consider myself a fan.  That said, it took me a while to figure out that I'm really a size XS over a size Small because their size chart lies a bit.  Naturally I ordered a size XS this time around.  I've been wanting this skirt since I saw it on a pre-order list on an online boutique that I can't seem to track down again, but regardless I fell in love!  Unique Vintage has really been having fun with the novelty print circle skirt game over the past year or so, but as my collection of novelty print skirts is a rather large one at this point it takes a LOT for me to fall in love with a skirt enough to get it now.  This octopus skirt is like nothing in my closet, purple is one of my favorite colors, and it's silly and classic all at once.  
How It Measures Up: Honestly, kind of tight!  This is a head scratcher because I'm smaller than I was a year ago when I first tried a Unique Vintage skirt…