2017 Favorites: Part 1

The first season of the year is OVER!  And when the clock strikes April 1st, it'll be no joke that 25% of 2017 is dunzo!  Crazy, right?  This is the first installment of a four part yearly round-up, keeping track of my favorite style habits from 2017!

Kate Spade Dinosaur and Novelty Bags
Dinosaurs?  YES, PLEASE!!  I do impressions of T-Rexs often (not kidding) and generally love dinos.  Obvi I needed these new friends in my collection.   Their whole 2017 line has been perfection for both classic and novelty items alike, with other gems like gorgeous floral bags and purses in a camel theme.  If they release an alpaca or lizard themed line next I may die.  Kate Spade...you are killing me and I hope to be a brand ambassador/influencer/ANYTHING one day.  #CallME

1970s Vintage Dresses
This style is an oldie but goodie fall back style for me, but I've been on a major 1970s maxi dress kick.  Recently I've had good luck in stores and on Etsy (and even found some sales).  In my opinion, 1970s dresses (and maxi dresses in general) are actually the perfect spring dress as they're airy and start to hint that summer is coming but still keep your legs covered if part of the day gets chilly.  And since this winter felt more like spring here, I've been wearing them constantly.  And unlike circle skirts of the 1950s-60s, there's way less of a chance of the wind blowing up your skirt in an un-lady like fashion.  (Wind is a force to be reckoned with here in Denver during the spring, so this is a practical style decision!!!!)

Athletic Fab
I already wrote a post on this, so I'll keep it brief.  I've rediscovered my love of sneakers and love that there are so many fun styles and colors to choose from nowadays.  When I'm walking around the gnarly sidewalks of Denver I'm way more comfortable and less prone to tripping over the uneven concrete when I'm in these bad boys.

Bernie Dexter New Styles (Like Always)
This isn't new.  Every year she does great things.  But this season she has churned out a lot of new prints and styles.  I'm dying for a Mari, as strapless button/zip ups are kind of my favorite thing currently.  I'm also impressed that she's added some different style of prints, like flames or different color schemes than usual (like darker or more bold colors).  Check out her whole site HERE.  I haven't tried any of the new stuff (yet) but that day will come soon...!

Members Only Jackets
Yes, I am an influencer for the brand officially.  But I only accept these collaborations if I genuinely love the brand/style/etc.  Going into spring I'm psyched out of my mind to have these lightweight jackets in fun colors to pair with my dresses.  Members Only is such a retro brand, and yet they're classic and modern too.  This has been one of the more perfect collaborations for my personal style to date, making 2017 get off to an excellent start!

J Crew Spring Line
I kind of always love J Crew a little bit, but I really couldn't resist a few items from their collection. Pretty much everything they've been releasing in 2017 has been amazing thus far, but I couldn't resist their elephant shirt (see the post on that HERE) and this Ratti floral pencil skirt I have yet to debut.

For the next three months I'm anticipating MORE dinosaurs as every brand seems to be getting in on the dino trend, a return to vintage inspired brand Hell Bunny as I've been falling in love all over again with the brand, and who knows what else!  What have been your go-to style habits so far in 2017?  Have a great day!


  1. Vintage dresses are amazing. Love all of them!


  2. Such a lovely post
    Thanks for Sharing!!
    New post is up take a look!!

  3. Members Only jackets are always fine with me! Pretty sure I'll still be wearing them long after most people get over the trend. Sneakers + Dresses is a great go-to as well and those Dino purses are unbelievably cute!


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