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2017 Favorites: Part 1

The first season of the year is OVER!  And when the clock strikes April 1st, it'll be no joke that 25% of 2017 is dunzo!  Crazy, right?  This is the first installment of a four part yearly round-up, keeping track of my favorite style habits from 2017!

Kate Spade Dinosaur and Novelty Bags
Dinosaurs?  YES, PLEASE!!  I do impressions of T-Rexs often (not kidding) and generally love dinos.  Obvi I needed these new friends in my collection.   Their whole 2017 line has been perfection for both classic and novelty items alike, with other gems like gorgeous floral bags and purses in a camel theme.  If they release an alpaca or lizard themed line next I may die.  Kate are killing me and I hope to be a brand ambassador/influencer/ANYTHING one day.  #CallME

1970s Vintage Dresses
This style is an oldie but goodie fall back style for me, but I've been on a major 1970s maxi dress kick.  Recently I've had good luck in stores and on Etsy (and even found some sales).  In my opinion…

Science Pilgrim

All About the Outfit:  Hey all!  I love this dress Folter dress to pieces.  When I first tried it on and looked in the mirror I said to myself, "I look like a science pilgrim!"  That may sound like I'm making fun of the dress, but that couldn't be further from the truth.  It was just an observation about the black and white with the collar reminded me a bit of the Puritans and to me the juxtaposition of the science equations all over the print cracked me up.  Since I'm a Silly Billy, I decided to use it as my blog post title!  I opted to go for yellow accessories because I thought it'd be a fun pop of color and less obvious than red, black, or white.  Plus a lemon Kate Spade bag makes no sense next to a science dress, so naturally this combo appealed to me!
Style Details: Sunglasses: eBay Earrings/Necklace/Bag: Kate Spade Dress: Folter via ModCloth (All Eyes on Unique Dress) Shoes: Nine West How's everyones week going?  Mine has been kind of slow, aside from ha…

Save the Elephants with J Crew

All About the Outfit:  I've had these pants since 2003ish.  Whoa!  I found them in my move and am stoked to add them back into my rotation as it's the time of year where I'm more likely to wear pants since it gets so windy here in the spring!  

The shirt I'm wearing is kind of cool because it's a collaboration that J Crew did with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which is a foundation protests elephants from ivory poaching.  I'm a huge elephant fan so naturally I had to get this shirt.  (Read more about that HERE).
Style Details:  I want to keep a clear thread through this color scheme while playing with prints at the same time.  I rarely ever rock this many pastels, so I was a little out of my element trying this outfit, ha.  

Blazer: ModCloth (sold out; similar HERE)
Shirt: J Crew
Necklace: Ann Taylor
Purse- Kate Spade
Pants- Old as HELL Forever 21 
Shoes- Chinese Laundry Because I love you, I thought I'd mention real fast that a bunch of Kate Spade items went …

Happy Spring!

All About the Outfit (and life...):  Hey all!  This is a quick post just to say hey and wish you a happy spring with this floral number from Bernie Dexter (or I suppose, "happy autumn" if you're in the southern hemisphere).  I'm actually shocked that only today is the first day of spring, as it's felt like summer here the past week (80 degrees).  I've discovered that my new pool is a complete mob scene on hot weekend days!  I wasn't intending to use the pool this weekend, but my Internet was out and my pool has wifi, so I used this first world problem to my advantage for an hour or so each weekend day ;)  Next weekend, if the weather holds up, I may have friends over so at least I now know to get there early!!
Style Details: One of the reasons why I love this dress is because virtually every color is in it!  I decided to be liberal in choosing a color scheme and went for pinks and reds to highlight this fact.  Bernie Dexter has some similar landscape/flora…

Past Week's Outfits + My Apartment

Hey all!  Apologies for my absence!  As I mentioned in my last post, I haven't been feeling super great lately.  Not all days are bad, but I'm always playing catch-up so it's been a weird March for me, in general and in regards to blog life.  That said, I have to change out of my pajamas most days and I have a fun new apartment that's (almost) fully set up that I'm totally in love with.  So despite my blogging absence, I have been alive and well on Instagram most days (please follow me HERE if you don't already).  And here are some of the outfits from the past week that never made it to the blog...until now! I love elephants and I love wearing the color yellow, so when I saw this Festive Frondaescence A Line Dress from ModCloth, I knew I had to have it.  Want to hear about how I'm an idiot?!  Of course you do!  When I pulled this dress out of the box, I thought the trim was black.  I thought that was odd because I could have sworn the online photos made it l…