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All About the Outfit:  Greetings, y'all!  Anyone else feel like this week is going fast and slow all at once?  Anyway, this outfit is a bold yet simple outfit.  I've been inspired by how it's warming up consistently earlier than usual here and wanting to wear dresses a ton.  I still sometimes need layers, but I opted to go cardigan/jacket-less for this outfit as I have a lot of jacket based posts coming up.  

If you've been with me a while, you know that bold simplicity is my favorite.  I've gotten more into jewelry and other kinds of accessorizing over the years, but a boldly beautiful dress with little else is one of my favorite (and go-to) looks.  And honestly, this Bernie Dexter dress doesn't need much more as she totally stands alone!  I'm psyched to wear this after a long winter (I got it over Black Friday from Pinup Girl Clothing) because button down dresses, especially with collars, are quickly becoming my favorite thing.  While the print may be too bold for either lady I'm about to cite, the style is both Betty Draper and Charlotte York from Sex and the City.  As always, I love that there's a timeless and retro element to this number.

This Bernie Dexter dress is the Lydia dress (discontinued style, to my knowledge...FYI) in Primary Paint Palllet.  Though she's been coming out with a new sleeveless dress with a collar (the Mari) I hope she brings back the Lydia at some point.  The collar is super wide and for some reason that makes me love it more, ha!  (Photo below).  This dress is currently listed on Bernie's site as "Last Chance" and there's a coupon to get 55% off of it (coupon code: Last55) so get it HERE!!

On a very sad note, one of my closest blogger friends, Emily, has been going through a personal hell the past two days as her sister, Ronnie, has gone missing.  In the above image are the details that are likely critical in finding her.  If you are in the New York area, I would greatly appreciate it if you saved this image after reading it thoroughly.  I know these feel like a needle in a haystack searches, but it really does just take one person to be aware of a missing person and be at the right place at the right time and spot them.  And if you are in the NY area I would greatly appreciate it if you passed this image around.  And if you know of someone in the NY area who frequents or owns comic shops, please please this along to them directly.  Thank-you.

~Lauren-Blair Donovan


  1. Such a beautiful and funny dress. Love the colors!

  2. Oh I'm loving this dress on you Lauren, I love the print and the colours! :)
    Sorry to hear about your blogger friends sister gone missing, I hope she is found safe and well soon! xo

  3. Love this dress on. Both the print and cut suit you well! I agree about the collar. The oversized collar definitely add to the look of this cut! I really think it's wonderful you posted about Emily's missing sister on your blog. My heart went out to her and her family when I heard her sister was missing. I was planning on doing the same. I shared it on fb but I don't really know anyone personally in the NYC area. I saw on fb just this morning though that she has been found! All the relief! That is so scary for someone to go missing for so long!!!

    1. Agreed!!! The more days went on the more I became wary of receiving bad news about this. I was at lunch with a friend and glanced at my phone and saw the update; my heart stopped and then I breathed a huge sigh of relief!! Thank goodness!!!!!

  4. Just reading this now, but glad to read she has been found! :D

    Looking gorgeous in that dress and heels! :)

    And yes, time goes way too fast.. it's almost March!!

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