Hell Bunny Safari

All About the Look: This is my second 1940s era style dress on the blog in 2017!  I LOVE dresses from that era, but they don't get reached for as much in my closet.  Most recently I wore the Trashy Diva Sweetie dress and here I am wearing Hell Bunny's Safari Zebra Collared dress.  (Okay, it's technically listed as a 1950s dress on the order from my purchase, but it fits in more nicely next to my dresses that are 40s inspired).  I think a belated 2017 style resolution is going to be to wear my 40s era dresses more.  They feel a little bit fancier than my everyday wear, which is why I believe they get left behind.  But like dresses from the 1970s, there's such an inherent drama in them that they need little to no accessorizing and are amazing as is.  This is music to my low maintenance ears!

Ever the sucker for safari prints, I drooled over this dress for a while.  It sold out quickly and I thought it was gone forever, but finally i found one left in my size (XS/UK 8) at Tiger Milly.  I'm super glad I did not miss out on this one or had to wait years in vain tracking eBay watched searches.  2/3 other 1940s style dresses are also from Hell Bunny and I feel like this skirt is a LOT more full than the other two.  It's possible the one I wore to the 1940s Ball is also a fuller skirt than I'm remembering, but I need to try that one again to compare (and it's high on my list of soon-to-wear outfits)!  

Style Details:  As mentioned, this dress is from Tiger Milly.  If you click the link you'll see TONS of Hell Bunny products, old and new, for sale.  Tiger Milly is one of those boutiques with an amazing amount of Hell Bunny products, so don't leave that stone unturned if you're searching for something from that brand!  My earring/necklace set is Kate Spade, my almost camouflaged Zebra brooch is Erstwilder, and the shoes are Nine West via Marshalls.

As I mentioned above, I was aiming for a simple look to not overshadow how magnificent this dress truly is.  I choose nude shoes to be monochromatic and matching/complimentary jewelry as to not go overboard.

I hope everyone is having a good week!  I can't believe March is NEXT week!  So much is going on and I'm also trying to play catch-up with various things, agh!  Busy, busy, busy!
~Lauren-Blair Donovan


  1. This dress is so fun! And I cannot believe March is next week, either- bring on SPRING!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this print! I've been searching for this dress as well. Taking an African safari is #1 on my bucket list and I've love to take this dress with me when I go one day <3 I love the cut on you but I understand completely about how 40's style does seem to be more fancy. I was really hoping they would release this print in a more casual cut and something more modest than the skirt and cropped top they have. But while I was hoping for something that never got released I ended up missing this print completely. Congrats on finding this dress in your size! It really does look great on you <3

  3. I love the fit and style of this dress on you! It's such a classic retro shape.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. I love the retro and classy vibes of that stunning dress! You red hair is so stunning too!


  5. I love 1940's style dresses and garments, I'm actually leaning towards that era more and more.
    Anyway this dress is gorgeous on you I love the safari print on this Hell Bunny dress! xo

  6. Oh yes, March is next week! Unbelievable! But well, the dress :) I love 40s style, and I am glad to see this lovely dress! I liked the print and the cut and the shoes are perfect for it! You always look very very beautiful - ah, and I never noticed any rbf expression, I think you are gorgeous! Hope you have a very nice day, dear Lauren-Blair!

  7. I can't believe March is next week either! What?!? Haha. This dress is adorable with the safari print. Definitely makes it unique. I love the 1940s style cut too. You're absolutely right about 40s dresses feeling a bit fancier too, which i love!


  8. I have this dress, it is so lovely!! It looks gorgeous on you and I love the beige with your hair colour. Perfect Erstwilder brooch too x

  9. Oh gosh...I am shocked everytime I think next week is March. haha. Where did the time go? And that print is amazing! I love the style and length of the dress too. The 1940s was such a lovely style era.



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