Emily and Fin Top with Hell Bunny's Paula Skirt

All About the Outfit:  About a week ago I gushed about my new favorite dress company, Emily and Fin.  While I may be hooked on their dresses and totally foaming at the mouth for new releases from them, I also fell for this top of theirs!  Ever trying to broaden my horizon with fun blouses and needing fun tops for YouTube videos, I decided to try out Emily and Fin's shirts too...and I'm totally in love!  It's a boxier fit, which isn't my go-to but I'm open to experimenting with.  And, I generally tuck shirts into high waisted bottoms so it's not even noticeable for the most part.

I paired this with my navy Paula skirt from Hell Bunny.  You may have noticed that Hell Bunny didn't make my top 10 most worn vintage brands from 2016 (read both parts HERE and HERE).  I was a little shocked myself!  For three years Hell Bunny was a staple in my daily life and the brand just got lost in the shuffle last year!  Because that was an accident and not because I don't love the brand, I'm trying to remember to reach for my Hell Bunny dresses and skirts more!  

Style Details: This amazing Emily and Fin shirt is sold out.  They did an amazing clearance sale from all of their 2016 styles and upon perusing their website it appears EVERYTHING sold out!  There are a few new styles on the site though, so it's worth checking out (HERE)!  My yellow Nine West pumps are a huge staple in my wardrobe but sadly I believe they're sold out everywhere.  I wore them here to match and bring out the yellow in the shirt.  I chose the navy Hell Bunny skirt, which was a process because I almost went with the identical red Hell Bunny skirt.  (I seriously can't wait to pair this shirt with ALL THE SKIRTS!)  The skirt name is Paula and there's SO many colors it comes in (check them out).  I love the fit of the Paula, how it's a full circle, and yet can be retro and modern at once.  It's surprisingly hard to find a versatile midi retro skirt in solid colors that work for all occasions!  I have it in three colors currently and may or may not have two in the mail currently 😊  My ONLY complaint is that they wrinkle easily, but I guess that's why Zeus invented irons and steamers!  Rounding out the outfit and playing on the navy skirt I used my Kate Spade matching star set in navy (I had them in gold and white too).  They're not currently on the Kate Spade site but they are floating around Poshmark and eBay if you wanna track them down (I highly recommend them!!).

I don't do Valentine's Day posts on the blog, in part because I'm a privacy freak and don't discuss that part of my life on the Internet and in part because it's a well covered market in blog world.  That said, my comedy partner Shannon and I did do a Valentine's Day video that will equally appeal to those in and out of relationships, as we kind of poke fun at both teams!  If you love to laugh and want to do something you love this week...watch the video ;) 
~Lauren-Blair Donovan


  1. Loved the shirt, no wonder it's sold out! Well, true, a downside would be the fact that we need an iron for that :) It happens that I iron well, and everybody knows it, so I am always asked to do that. But then it happens that I don't like it :) But I could put that aside, since the shirt is really beautiful and well, I iron from time to time (though the laundry shop does it more times for me, I confess)! The skirt and shoes are also lovely and you look, as usual, beautiful! I loved the video - and I have the same opinion. I seldom, reeeeally seldom, share personal details about my love life on internet. I didn't know that Valentine's day was also called Valentimes sometimes and yes, stuff animals - when I was younger I used to love them for Valentine's day, but not now and hey, a caterpillar :) I was impressed. I agree with you, the day is to convince - first oneself, through social media validation, that everything is rosy in life. Or love life, at least :) I also didn't know that this is a day for getting engaged! Hope you have a nice week!

  2. Your take on V-Day in the video was so funny! The caterpillar? Really? I would have no idea what to do with that at all. I also agree that it's all about the #humblebrag but that's kind of just social media every day of the year.


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  3. Gorgeous. This outfit looks like the most perfect combination of classic, cute, comfortable, casual, and polished :) Love it!


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