Bernie Dexter Red Damask Paris Dress

All About the Outfit:  I got to wear this beautiful red damask print dress from Bernie Dexter out for the first time last week (right before the temperature dropped 😢) after getting it over Black Friday etc sales.  I'm in a Bernie Dexter FB group and lately this dress has gotten discussed a few times.  If you look through my Bernie Dexter tags and/or look through her site, you'll see that she has a ton of amazing and crazy novelty prints--which you know I love.  It seems the consensus is that this beautiful dress got overlooked for some time because while bold, it is not as loud as many of her prints (like this dress and this dress).  I'm really glad I got it because it's a) lovely b) timeless and c) appropriate for many casual and fancier occasions.  I've also been more into bold and timeless prints lately, so this dress is something of an instant favorite.  Trust me, I'm not done with novelty prints!  I'm just expanding my tastes 😉

I have the feeling once this dress is sold out it's going to become a rare one to find in swap groups and eBay, so I highly recommend getting it if you're at all tempted.  I'm wearing an XS, and while the Paris cut used to run small I feel like for the past year or so it's been more true to size.

Style Details:  I kept it simple...again.  Sorry guys, I've been in a less is more state of mind lately!

Sunglasses- eBay find
Jacket- Forever 21
Shoes- Nine West via Amazon (Flax style)
How was everyone's weekend?  Mine was part busy and part stuck in bed!  The extreme back and forth weather Denver has been having is killing my system and sinus pressure/headaches made me cancel roughly half of my plans.  I have mixed feelings on this as I somewhat needed to decompress anyway, but it's also never really relaxing when you're in bed because you're under the weather.  My puppies love it when I "stay home to nap with them" though, so at least this weekend was a win for them!  Hope everyone had a good weekend!
~Lauren-Blair Donovan



  1. I love this dress! It's so great on you and I love the way you kept it simple with accessories. I saw this dress pop up on Zulily a few weeks ago and was soooooo tempted to buy it especially since I've had my eye on it forever. I don't usually have too much luck with BD dresses though and while I have a Paris dress that fits well I also have a Frenchie dress that doesn't and I'm still not sure if it's the slight variations on the style or if it was just not consistent with fit. Anyway sorry for the long digression! You make me wish I would have just got the dress. It looks gorgeous on you Lauren! :D <3

  2. What a beautiful print, and it looks so lovely on you! I think it's good that you're switching things up with a more simple look. You don't need a lot with this dress.

  3. Va va voom!! This dress is a knockout! The red and white is so striking. You look so beautiful in it. I hope you start feeling better soon.

  4. Ahhh! This dress is stunning! And I love how you styled it! And hey - sometimes less is more. That's ok! :)


  5. Really love the print! It's special enough to make it outstanding, but still suitable for lots of combinations! :)

    Hope you're having a great weekend now! :)

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