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Members (of The Brady Bunch) Only

All About the Outfit: Welcome to Tuesday!  How's your week going so far?  This is my other jacket I received in my Members Only collaboration and boy do I love it!  (Click HERE to see the first one!)  Green is one of my all-time favorite colors so basically this jacket will go with basically everything that I own.  AND I'm a firm believer that green matches everything too, so that'll help as well, ha!  
I'm super impressed with the quality of this jacket.  I feel like Members Only across the board has exceptional quality, but this jacket above and beyond impresses me!  It's a super silky satin on the outside and the interior lining is also an equally super silky satin, so basically this jacket feels like a silky satin hug!  It's also a thin jacket that is warm and has an unexpected thickness to it (if that makes sense), meaning it feels very durable.  I also like that it's a little longer than waist length, and though in theory I could have gotten away with …

Bernie Dexter Red Damask Paris Dress

All About the Outfit:  I got to wear this beautiful red damask print dress from Bernie Dexter out for the first time last week (right before the temperature dropped 😢) after getting it over Black Friday etc sales.  I'm in a Bernie Dexter FB group and lately this dress has gotten discussed a few times.  If you look through my Bernie Dexter tags and/or look through her site, you'll see that she has a ton of amazing and crazy novelty prints--which you know I love.  It seems the consensus is that this beautiful dress got overlooked for some time because while bold, it is not as loud as many of her prints (like this dress and this dress).  I'm really glad I got it because it's a) lovely b) timeless and c) appropriate for many casual and fancier occasions.  I've also been more into bold and timeless prints lately, so this dress is something of an instant favorite.  Trust me, I'm not done with novelty prints!  I'm just expanding my tastes 😉
I have the feeling onc…

ModCloth Collar ID Dress

All About the Outfit:  I am genuinely shocked about how much I love this dress (Collar ID dress by ModCloth)!  I was offered it back in August to wear at the ModCloth IRL: Denver event for my hosting duties.  Knowing it would be approximately 80 million degrees out and being that it had long sleeves, even breathable ones like these, I declined.  Most of the late summer and early fall items from ModCloth have been super reduced lately and I had a ton of store credit to play around with so I took a chance on this dress (I never got a chance to try it on at the pop-up store because it was so busy and remained unsure how well it would work with my figure, which was another concern I had about wearing the dress to host the ModCloth IRL event).  
When I tried this dress on I didn't even want to take it off!  It fits better than I could have hoped!  I wanted to wear it the night I got it but it was unusually balmy so I wanted to wear an outfit without sleeves, as I know I'll still hav…

Members Only: Sparkling Membership

About the Outfit:  Unless this is your first time visiting my blog (and if so, welcome!), you all know how much I love vintage.  While vintage usually translates to mid-century styles for me, I'm very into the 70s-80s looks--especially of the preppier variety as that look is so timeless.  (I blame discovering the sitcom, Soap, being on reruns on Comedy Central when I'd come home from summer AM cross country practices for this style love!)  
I had wanted a Members Only jacket for years and finally got my hands on a lavender one at the end of 2016 from Marshalls.  Well, you can only imagine my thrill when I was contacted by Members Only for a collaboration!  Their selection is by and far wider than I realized!  They have several jackets that are the iconic coats that most people think of when they think of Members Only, but they also have tons of fancier coats with different styles, cuts, and more.  You can check them all out at their website.
I thought the Sequined Baseball Jacke…

Hell Bunny Safari

All About the Look: This is my second 1940s era style dress on the blog in 2017!  I LOVE dresses from that era, but they don't get reached for as much in my closet.  Most recently I wore the Trashy Diva Sweetie dress and here I am wearing Hell Bunny's Safari Zebra Collared dress.  (Okay, it's technically listed as a 1950s dress on the order from my purchase, but it fits in more nicely next to my dresses that are 40s inspired).  I think a belated 2017 style resolution is going to be to wear my 40s era dresses more.  They feel a little bit fancier than my everyday wear, which is why I believe they get left behind.  But like dresses from the 1970s, there's such an inherent drama in them that they need little to no accessorizing and are amazing as is.  This is music to my low maintenance ears!
Ever the sucker for safari prints, I drooled over this dress for a while.  It sold out quickly and I thought it was gone forever, but finally i found one left in my size (XS/UK 8) at …

Denver Vintage Shopping

All About the Outfit: 1970s dresses may be the my favorite thing.  They have built in drama to them, but they're also very comfortable and usually demand limited accessorizing as to not have an overkill outfit.  Fun with fashion that's easy?  These are a few of my favorite things!
There's Buffalo Exchanges in most places around the country, but the one in my neighborhood is extra fun because they have a lot of vintage outfits for prices that are often less expensive than vintage stores.  I found this dramatic number a few weeks back at my local Buffalo Exchange.  I tried it on with neutral expectations (dresses with puffy sleeves and a LOT of fabric either work with or against me).  Initially I thought that maybe I would pass on it.  I typically don't love dresses with sleeves (though there are several exceptions) and my first thought was that it reminded me of when I went as Vicki the robot girl from not-very-remembered 1980s sitcom "gem," Small Wonder for Ha…

Fashion Evolution #1: Femininity & Athletic Shoes

About this Series: When one becomes a style blogger, it's usually because there's a call to express a unique take on style that's already been personally developed by the blogger.  Very few--if any--enter fashion blogging with no sense of style (...I hope).  I'm probably known for a use of bright colors, mid-century fandom, skirts, and girly high heels.  If we're lucky, life is never just one note and despite already having a sense of style, I feel privileged to be discovering new things that make styling my daily outfits all the more fun without compromising my central sense of self.  This is the start of a new series about various things that have made evolving so much fun.
Why This Style/Trend Appeals to Me: When I started going to concerts again in mid-2015 after taking a hiatus due to illness, I immediately start craving fun and sensible flats.  At this point in my life, I was more or less a high heels and flip flops girls only.  Flats often drive my feet more …

Paint by Numbers

All About the Outfit:  Greetings, y'all!  Anyone else feel like this week is going fast and slow all at once?  Anyway, this outfit is a bold yet simple outfit.  I've been inspired by how it's warming up consistently earlier than usual here and wanting to wear dresses a ton.  I still sometimes need layers, but I opted to go cardigan/jacket-less for this outfit as I have a lot of jacket based posts coming up.  
If you've been with me a while, you know that bold simplicity is my favorite.  I've gotten more into jewelry and other kinds of accessorizing over the years, but a boldly beautiful dress with little else is one of my favorite (and go-to) looks.  And honestly, this Bernie Dexter dress doesn't need much more as she totally stands alone!  I'm psyched to wear this after a long winter (I got it over Black Friday from Pinup Girl Clothing) because button down dresses, especially with collars, are quickly becoming my favorite thing.  While the print may be too …

ModCloth 70s Coat

All About the Outfit:  I am slightly coat obsessed ...!  Jackets, blazers, cardigans (not technically a coat, I know) are so practical for layering here in Colorado with our bizarre weather and seasons 10 months of the year.  I'm also obsessed with matching everything to an outfit, so having an option of coats to match everything in my closet makes life more fun and less stressful for me!
When I saw this ModCloth, Delightful Direction Coat, I knew I had to have it.  I had made some Black Friday returns and had store credit, so voila!  This coat became mine!  I really love it!  It's a very sturdy canvas fabric and is thicker and therefore warmer than I was expecting (I really thought it would be a more "decorative" than "practical" coat in all honesty).  My only (half) complaints are that because I'm medium-tall and have long limbs, the movement in my arms are (almost) restricted.  The jacket arms do cover my wrists and I can stretch out in them, but too …