Wonder Dots Are Wonderful!

All About the Outfit:  Confession time:  when this dress (Wonder Dot in Paris style by Bernie Dexter) first debuted on Bernie Dexter's site several months back, I never thought that I would be here typing about how much I freakin' love this dress!  I'm in a Bernie Dexter fan group on Facebook and I saw so many girls geeking out about this dress.  I, on the other hand, shrugged and kind of forgot about this dress.  I've always been a polka dot fan and upon entering the vintage world it was impossible to escape polka dotted items.  Over the years I've decided that I have "enough" polka dots, so upon seeing a dress like this it just didn't do it for me.  But then multiple reports came in about how vibrant the colors were in real life and I started to see this dress with a lot of potential for not only different colors, but for dressing up and down for different eras. During Black Friday sales I took a gamble and got this...and my gawd, I can't even explain why it's so awesome in real life but it is!

Again, polka dots stopped being a staple of mine a while back.  But these are multi-colored dots, and somehow that's different (don't ask!) in my mind.  I tried this on and really didn't want to take it off.  The colors are almost like technicolor in person.  I tried in vain to capture them more realistically in these photos with both photography and more editing than I usually do, but no cigar.  I even tried to style the dress with accessories closely matching the color of the dots (none of my accessories match perfectly because the hues are unique shades of blue, mint green, yellow, red, etc) but that didn't really work either (and I'm regretting the yellow shoes with this outfit...TBH...).  But seriously, if you remotely like this dress...GET IT!!!

Style Details:
Necklace- Punky Pins
Cardigan- J Crew Factory
Brooch- Erstwilder
Dress- Bernie Dexter via Unique Vintage (Click HERE for Bernie selection on the UV site and HERE for the actual dress that's still available in plus sizes)
Shoes- Nine West

I'm not even going to try to lie to you guys: a lot of Bernie Dexter dress and Folter/Retrolicious dress post posts are coming your way!  I think I did this to y'all last year about this time too!  There's just so many sales between November and January and it's when I stock up on stuff I've wanted for forever from my two favorite brands (which aptly made my top two most worn brand spots of my 2016 countdown).  I try to have some variety, and in some cases I will, but I'm excited to show these off (winter be damned!  Besides, as I've mentioned before it is balmy here off and on AND I suck at being stylish in the winter, so I promise you're not missing any hot tips from me!) so there will be a higher frequency number of these brands in the weeks to come!  Sorry, not sorry...ha!  XO
~Lauren-Blair Donovan



  1. This dress is super cute and I LOVE the bag! What a cute little gem!

  2. So cute, lady- looks awesome with that cardigan, too!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. You made great decision by buying this dress during Black Friday's sales, Lauren, it's wonderful and has terrific print, I'd love to have similar one in my wardrobe as well :P

    Have a lovely evening dear,

  4. This print isn't for me, but I love it on you, and love how you styled it!! I also really stock up on dresses and accessories between November & January, ha. It's too hard to pass up on the amazing sales!

  5. That dress is gorgeous on you! I have been eyeing it for awhile but keep trying to talk myself out of it...I think you've talked me in to it, haha! I love shopping year end sales too :]


  6. I really don't have many polka dots in my closet!! Who knows why?
    Not because I don't like them, because how can you look at them and not smile??
    I have to disagree though with the shoe statement. I think that's one of the things I especially love about your outfit---the shoes & the cardigan---so much better than black!

  7. You always have the brightest outfits, love it :) xx


  8. I love polka dots and I loved your dress! I think that the whole outfit is very beautiful, and even though you said that you regretted the yellow shows, I liked them with the dress and the cardi too! I thought of you during the speech today (the 20th) and thought "a video will come soon - Just Shair" :) You look very beautiful! Hope you have a very nice weekend!

  9. Gorgeous!! I love the dress!
    Adi xx

  10. That dress is so so cute! Love your heels too! =)

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  11. So cute


  12. Such a cute dress, the Paris cut is one of my favourite Bernie styles. I love that this dress has different coloured dots! I love your choice of brooch pinned to your cardigan! x

  13. Another awesome outfit! I love it with that cardigan and purse! <3


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