Unique Vintage 1950s Pastel Beauty Salon High Waisted Swing Skirt

About the Outfit:  I know January isn't even done yet, but I consider this skirt from Unique Vintage to be the best print released so far in 2017!  I usually wait for a million sales until purchasing something, but this skirt was so phenomenal that I had to get it right away!

As you can see, the scene on the skirt is a 1950s beauty parlor.  What you may not know is that this is a collaboration between Unique Vintage and arguably my favorite brooch company, Erstwilder!  There's a beauty salon brooch now available, Rollin' With Katie Brooch, and Unique Vintage designed some correlating clothing pieces.  Because the scene is so dynamic and the colors are so amazing, I knew the skirt was a must have!

Worth Noting:  I have a few other Unique Vintage skirts and I discussed the Flamingo print one and the Haunted Mansion one on my blog in the past.  I had size smalls and found them to run large, even though I had different weights for both pieces.  I finally bite the bullet and tried an XS for this skirt and it fits like a glove!  I'm convinced these skirts run large across the board now!

Style Details:  I kept it simple being that it's chilly here this week and I sometimes get overly ambitious with layering and don't look as chic as I wish.  So I kept it simple with matching shoes and a sweater, from G by Guess and Forever 21 respectively.  I cannot wait for it to get warmer out, as I have several ideas that involve tanks, tees, and sandals!  (To buy this skirt, click HERE!)
How's everyone's week going?  Mine is going fast and slow all at once, as I haven't been able to keep track of the days!  Below is the latest video from Just Shair (I shared it on Monday too) as it's one of my favorites yet and we're releasing a new video tomorrow!  Please watch if you need/want a laugh!  Have a great day!

~Lauren-Blair Donovan



  1. Oh I really want this skirt so much...I love love the print! You've done another wonderful job styling it! I have the Erstwilder brooch, so I need this skirt! :)

  2. Oh, my word, how amazing this print is! I really loooved this skirt, Unique Vintage is so cool! I also loved the outfit with the beautiful shoes and the nice collar, and I think you look fabulous! I can see why you chose this print as the best so far - yes, January is not finished, but we know when we find "the best thing", and this print is really unbeatable, a salon! Hope you have a nice day and weekend, soon!

  3. Such an adorable skirt, and the sweater & shoes match so well! UV has been coming out some super cute printed skirts lately. I pre-ordered the candy shop print one.

  4. AHHHH I absolutely cannot get over how perfect this outfit is. The tromp l'oeil Peter Pan collar is genius!

    I left my UV watermelon skirt in New York recently and it's tormenting me not to have it!

  5. You look fabulous in purple!! I love the collar on your top. And how fun is that print?!

  6. Love this skirt on you! It goes so perfectly with that sweater which is just the perfect shade of purple for both the skirt and for you <3


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