Trench Coat Weather!

All About the Outfit: Hey all!  I know January may not seem like the most ideal month to be thinking about light weight jackets, but in my world it is!  Between back and forth weather in Denver and getting prepared for spring (once February hits in a few days, spring is actually on the horizon line, y'all!) thinking about a stylish yet practical light weight coat is a necessity!  Enter this Jessica Simpson navy trench coat I found on Amazon for $30 (though prices do fluctuate a lot on Amazon, so don't hold me to that price!!).

I have several black, white, and brown outerwear but realized navy was sorely missing from my coat closet.  Navy goes with almost everything and can add a pop of color, so I decided that this was a (cheap) investment worth making.  I'm wearing an XS for measure, and I love the quality and the fit.  

I've been itching to wear my Bernie Dexter On the Road Dress from Unique Vintage, and realizing that there's a fair amount of blue in the dress I decided it would be perfect to pair with my navy trench coat.  I love these two looks together because they epitomize classic women's fashion from yesteryears, but are not dated as these looks never truly go out of style.  I rounded out the outfit with more navy to pull the look together with Ralph Lauren via DSW pumps and a matching Kate Spade earring and necklace set.
Last week was a little nuts for me and I wasn't able to complete a piece to my satisfaction that I've been promising on political unity amongst voters in the US and trying to humanize the 2016 election.  While schedule was apart of it, so much happened in the first week of Trump's presidency that I had some trouble keeping up.  Some of the things that I wanted to say suddenly felt dated and I had to re-center some of my feelings before I could complete a peaceful call for unity piece.  If it's not obvious, I lean left.  BUT I seek to try to understand the motives behind conservative voters and not judge them based off of a meme I saw or other over-simplistic narrative by a fellow liberal.  Because I will always be honest with hot button issues, a lot of my thresholds were pushed last week, and as mentioned I had to take some time to sit with some of the events of the news.  I've started to tweet my feelings after remaining relatively quiet for a year and I hinted at heartbreak on an Instagram outfit post while mentioning that "Ball of Confusion" by the Temptations is one of my favorite songs.  I wanted the blog piece to be the first time I truly came out with my thoughts, as it is a peaceful piece that I wanted to set a precedent with, but my head is spinning too fast.  

So I'm still writing that piece I've been promising (read HERE and HERE to help gauge how calm and peaceful the posts will be) and I will hit publish sometime this week.  If you are conservative, I do hope we can find some common ground to agree on and not hate each other in the meantime.  And I hope everyone has a great day!
~Lauren-Blair Donovan


  1. I loooved this dress and the trench coat, I love navy! It may be lighter for January, like you said, but why not? I loved it! You look always, absolutely always very beautiful and very stylish! I am also perplex at so many things in politics now (one of my degrees is in politics) and I am eager to read what you are thinking about it. But take your time, many other things will happen soon, and you will have plenty of material... not judging, like you said. Hope you have a very lovely day!

  2. Such a stylish jacket, love the navy blue and the white buttons. Another gorgeous Bernie Dexter dress on you Lauren! xo

  3. I'm looking forward to reading your post on political unity. I refuse to talk about politics on social media..for my own sanity. But I do always love to hear everyone's thoughts. (And not just those darn political memes! Haha.) Anyways! I adore your trench coat! And shut up! It was only $30?! I could easily justify that for my coat addiction, haha. We may be coat twins in the future too.. ;)

  4. I feel the same way about February! Totally counting down until spring and can't wait for warm enough weather to be fine in just a cardi and no tights <3 This is a great outfit you've put together. Love the trench coat with the Bernie Dexter. I agree completely that this outfit epitomizes classic women's fashion from yesteryears, without looking dated. So great on you! Awesome you were able to find this coat for such a great price too!


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